The Importance of Soft Skills for Postgraduates Upon Entering the Work Field

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1. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Page 2.1. Background of the Study 3 2.2. Problem Statement 4 2.3. Research Objectives 5 2.4. Significance of the Study 5 2.5. Scope of the Study 6

2. CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW 3.6. Introduction 7 3.7. Previous Studies of Literature Review 7

3. CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY & DATA SOURCES 4.8. Introduction 11 4.9. Data Resources 11 4.10. Data Collection Method 11 4.11. The Measurements of Variables 13 4.12. Procedure of Data Analysis 14 4.13. Research Framework 17 4.14. Determinants of Variables 18 4.15. Research Hypothesis 19



1.1 Background of the Study
These days there is a huge number of unemployed post graduates. Post graduates are students who recently received professional or academic certificates, or other qualifications for which a first of a Bachelor’s degree. Regardless if the students come from IPTA or IPTS, prestige or local universities, a majority of them finds it really difficult to find a job. There is no surprise anymore that a student who graduates with a CGPA of 3.0 and above is unemployed. What else for a student that graduates with a CGPA below 3.0. The competition amongst post graduates has drastically increased in this era. The workplace is one of the most…...

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