The Importance of Young Entrepreneurs in Society

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Daniel Gonzalez 13/06/2015

English 12

Topic, Thesis Statement, Main ideas: Argumentative Essay 13 Minutes

Thesis Statement:

Every young person should be an entrepreneur, because it gives him the opportunity to build his own future, set an example in society, and help his family since he is young.

List of main ideas:

1. Experience for the future. 2. Build your own future. 3. You can have extra money 4. You can have a good use to your extra time. 5. You can be an example for society. 6. You will have a job since young. 7. You will help your employees. 8. You can donate money. 9. You can help your family. 10. You can apply what you learn, regarding businesses. 11. You can give prestige to your name.

Daniel Gonzalez 13/06/2015

English 12

First Draft, Argumentative Essay 35 Minutes

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” (1st Timothy 4:12) This is one of the most important verses the Bible has for young people, in fact this verse changed my life since the moment I read it. What I understand when I read this verse is: Even though you are young, you can still do great things! God has great things for young people; we only need to discover them in our daily life. Every young person should be an entrepreneur, because it gives him the opportunity to build his own future, set an example in society, and help his family since he is young.

I have always liked entrepreneurship, and I believe it is the best way for a young person to make his dreams come true, make and…...

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