The Influence and Legacy of the Rolling Stones and the Beatles

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The Influence and Legacy
Of The Rolling Stones
And The Beatles
By: Greg Johnston

The history of rock and roll music has had many influential and popular bands. Back in the early days when rock and roll music was searching for an identity, along came two unique bands that would change the face of rock and roll music. The Rolling Stones and The Beatles had a uniqueness that was not found in other bands at the time, by fusing blues and rock music into a new sound. With their contrasting style of music and each band having a huge following, they changed the landscape of the music industry forever. And that started the debate of which one was a better band, but this is not a debate on which band was better, but a discussion on their influence, similarities and their differences.

The Rolling Stones when they first started, in an effort to set them apart they were marketed as a wilder and crazier band, with a raunchy and rebellious appearance. Compared to The Beatles and their boy next door image. The Rolling Stones influenced music by covering obscure blues songs and by acting as a bridge connecting the pop youth of the day with blues music developing a different style of rhythm and blues music. The Beatles had such an impact on popular music that they set a new standard, and gave a new popularity to rock and roll music while also giving a new sound to the music industry. Both of these iconic rock and roll bands originated in England in the 1960’s. First came The Beatles in 1960,” Early incarnations of the band included; The Quarrymen, Johnny & the Moon Dogs, and The Silver Beetles”. “John Lennon dreamed up the band’s final name of The Beatles”, and they also had the nickname of The Fab Four. The arrival of The Beatles in New York on February 7, 1964, is credited as opening the doors of a wealth of British music talent, and beginning what would be…...

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