The Information Age in Which You Live: Changing the Face of Business

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JUMP TO THE SUPPORT YOU WANT • Lecture Outline • Modules, Projects, and Data Files • Slide Reviews • Closing Cases • Short-Answer Questions • Assignments and Exercises • Discussion Questions • Industry & Global Perspectives • Additional Assignments and Exercises


STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES 1. Define management information systems (MIS) and describe the three important organizational resources within it – people, information, and information technology. 2. Describe how to use break-even analysis to assess the financial impact of information technology. 3. Describe how to use Porter’s Five Forces Model to evaluate the relative attractiveness of and competitive pressures in an industry. 4. Compare and contrast Porter’s three generic strategies and the run-grow-transform framework as approaches to the development of business strategy.

This chapter serves two primary purposes. First the chapter introduces your students to the broad notion of management information systems within an organization and the three key resources on which MIS focuses – people, information, and information technology.

Second, the chapter jumps right into the process of appropriately selecting which technologies to use based on the industry in which your organization operates, the identified business strategies for competing in that industry, and how to assess the impact of technology.

The primary sections of this chapter include:
1. MIS Resource #1: Information
2. MIS Resource #2: People
3. MIS Resource #3: Information Technology
4. Financial Impact of IT: Break-Even Analysis
5. Industry Impact of IT: Porter’s Five Forces Model
6. Strategy Impact of IT: Porter (Again)…...

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