The Issue of Student-Teacher Boundaries

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The Issue of Teacher-Student Boundaries
Calyssa Rimkey
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Monday, January 28th 2013

An issue of many concerning teachers and their students is the teacher-student boundaries issue. Teachers take on many different roles, sometimes conflicting with one another, but all of these roles must be accommodated within a circumscribed boundary between the teacher and the student(s) being taught.(Crook & Truscott, 2007) Teachers are ultimately responsible for managing boundary issues with their students. There are many circumstances that represent multiple relationships and boundary crossings and, while not always unethical, the primary professional relationship can be jeopardized. These circumstances should always be handled professionally and in the best interests of the student.

I think that the issue of student-teacher boundaries is an important issue that all teachers should take seriously. Crossing the boundaries could potentially jeopardize the relationship with a student and, furthermore, may result in an end to a teacher’s profession. I believe, from my experience as a student and as a future teacher, that boundaries between the student and teacher are crossed more often than not. There may be times when teachers experience feelings of attraction towards a student. In this case, the teacher should remain professional and should not act on these feelings. If the teacher is struggling with sexual or romantic feelings towards a student then they should talk to a trusted colleague or mentor.(Crook & Truscott, 2007) Being sexually involved with a student is the most obvious and blatant form of boundary violation and is always unethical.(Crook & Truscott, 2007) However, other boundary-related circumstances may not be as obvious and therefore may be more common within schools, such as; accepting a gift from a student,…...

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