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Thesis: In the poem “The Lamb” by William Blake is a lyric poem in which the author marvels at the love, wonder and innocents of a child as the child in turns marvels at the love of a creator and all that the creator has created.

1. Intro a. Thesis b. Curiosity of a child

1. Lyric Poem a. Expresses personal or emotional feelings b. Traditionally in the present tense c. Have a specific rhyming scheme

2. A creator’s love for all that he has created a. Invites the lamb to eat in the valley b. A life blessed with out worries c. Bright soft wooly clothing

3. Innocents of a child a. Amazement at the lamb itself b. He calls Himself a lamb c. He became a child d. Comparison of the child’s personality traits to those of a lamb and those of their creator

4. Setting a. Peaceful meadow b. A quiet resting place c. Soothing tones throughout the poem

5. Conclusion

a. Little lamb God bless you
Running Head: Poetry Thesis 1

Poetry Thesis Engl 102: Literature and Composition Summer D 2013 Regina M. Carroll ID#24487654 APA Format

Running Head: Poetry Thesis 2

The poem “The Lamb” by William Blake is a lyric poem in which the author marvels at the love, wonder and innocents of a child as the child in turns marvels at the love of a creator and all that the creator…...

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