The Life Stages

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`The life stages:

Birth and infancy 0-3 years:

This is primarily one of the many important stages in a person's life, isabel is going from the womb of her mother into the world through the process of lisa giving birth. Once born isabel is now open to new and exciting changes in her development. for example the newborn baby will have to start intaking easily digestible food, an example of this would be her mother's milk this is vitally important as it allows isable to grow. Infants are open to a range of different reflexes, they are born with a variety of temporary and primitive reflexes linking to the sensorimotor stage in a baby's life. The sensorimotor stage is a stage where thinking is limited sensing different objects and using motor actions. The primitive reflexes include the movements of the infant's head towards any touch on the cheek. This type of reflex is called the rooting reflex and this helps the baby to position the nipple into their mouth in order to feed.through this process isable is additionally using her sucking reflex. when trying to receive milk from either a bottle or her mother's breast. This is one of the first important physical developments, if isable wasn't able to do this she would become weak and frail. The first few moths are vital, the right nutrients will help her to grow physically and intellectually, without it she may be behind compared to other infants her age. Furthermore, if a baby is startled for example by a loud noise, the infant will throw their arms and legs outwards whilst arching their back and straightening the legs. This type of reflex is called the started reflex. leading on infants have the physical ability to recognise different people and interact with others, perhaps by making noises and/ or even touching and grasping. Babies soon learn to recognize their mother's voice and they prefer the sound of a human…...

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