The Meaning of Pentagram in Metropolis

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February 18th, 2010
The Meaning of Pentagram in Metropolis
The Pentagram is a five pointed star that is symmetrical with one point on the top and two points at the bottom. It is a symbol that has been used in many eras, cultures and religions. Groups such as by ancient Israelites, Christians, Magicians, Pagans and Wiccans have used this symbol. An inverted pentagram has two points on top and one point at the bottom. This symbol is used by groups such as Satanist and some rock bands in the Black Metal scene. In the film Metropolis, the director places the pentagram both upright and inverted in a few scenes. The symbol can be seen on Rotwang’s front door, a few doors inside his home and one in his laboratory. Some possible reasons why the director uses the pentagram include symbolizing protection, the carnal desires of man and also as a sign of evil.
Metropolis is dystopia. It is a futuristic society under authoritarian control. The leader and thinkers of the city rule from the giant skyscrapers while the laborers work under harsh conditions for long hours beneath the ground. In Metropolis, technology is portrayed to be evil and invasive. Technology has affected every part of the city. Every building seems to be modern except for the home of Rotwang, the inventor. His house is described as a “strange house, overlooked by the centuries.” On his front door is an upward pentagram. One meaning the Pentagram is believed to have is that it’s a protection against evil.
The five point Pentagram each stands for the things that “contribute to life and are a part of us.” The top point of an upward Pentagram represents the spirits. The other points represent four elements: air, water, earth and fire. The spirit being at the top above the elements symbolizes the spirits rule over matter or the mind ruling limbs. It is a sign of rightness;…...

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