The Merger of Best Productivity and Marketing Practice: a Strategic Model for Shoe Manufacturing Industry

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The Merger of Best Productivity and Marketing Practice:
A Strategic Model for Shoe Manufacturing Industry

A Research Proposal Presented to the
Graduate School of Business
Philippine School of Business Administration

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Doctor of Business Administration Program


Ayuson, Franklin Estiller

June 2013

The Merger of Best Productivity and Marketing Practice:
A Strategic Model for Shoe Manufacturing Industry

Franklin Estiller Ayuson

Philippine School of Business Administration, Graduate School of Business, Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City, Philippines
The Marikina shoe industry in the Philippines is in its biggest down shift. While it earns the reputation of being the country’s shoe capital, the emergence of globalization, trade liberation and intense competition has cause the decline of the industry. This study aims to determine the particular levels of productivity among the surviving manufacturer and the best marketing practice of the better shoe manufacturer brands. This study compares the best production practices of top shoe manufacturer and the traditional practices. The study shows that the best production practices of the top five shoe business in the locality and the entire country. This implies that shoe manufacturer seriously reconsider a paradigm shift from traditional “mag aareglo and sapatero” to a more complex and efficient production line in shoe manufacturing. The same is true with the notion of design and quality mentality is the best preferred by customer to a better understanding of the buying consideration of customer on price, brand and shoe design.

Keywords: shoe industry, globalization, trade liberation, competition, productivity, mag-aareglo, sapatero,…...

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