The Missing Link in the Loop of Movies, Destination Image and Tourist Behavior

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Social Distance
The Missing Link in the Loop of Movies, Destination
Image, and Tourist Behavior?

Journal of Travel Research
Volume 47 Number 4
May 2009 494-507
© 2009 SAGE Publications
10.1177/0047287508326534 hosted at Asli D. A. Tasci
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Visual information, especially delivered through movies, is believed to have an influence on destination image and consumer behavior. Based on the theory that knowledge about an object might cause feelings toward the object, visual information through movies can be assumed to affect not only destination image but also social distance between groups and, thus, to affect tourist behavior regarding the destination. With a quasi-experimental design, this study investigates if there is a relationship between visual information from movies and consumer-behavior variables, including destination image, destination desirability, visit intention, and social distance, taking Turkey as a case in point and a promotional movie as the stimuli. Results provide partial support for potential impact of movies on the consumer-behavior variables included in this study. Implications and future research suggestions are provided.


destination image; visual information; social distance; stereotypical image; Turkey

mong the several factors that impact destination image, the influential role of information provided by the visual media, such as movies, has been empirically supported not only on destination-image formation but also on subsequent consumer behavior (Tooke and Baker 1996;
Hanefors and Mossberg 2002; Morgan, Pritchard, and
Piggott 2003; Riley, Baker, and Doren 1998). However, one potential link in the circle of impact of visual media, destination-image formation, and behavioral intentions seems to be still missing. Social distance can be one…...

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