The Nine Elements of Effective Web Marketing

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The Nine Elements of Effective Web Marketing

When it comes to web marketing, it’s all about ‘conversion’ - how many of your site visitors you can convert into a lead or a sale. We suggest that companies lacking a well conceived and well implemented website conversion strategy, are failing to leverage the most important marketing medium of the twenty-first century.
The Nine Elements:
1. Identification of site goals
2. Clearly defined target audience
3. Compelling message
4. Site structure and information flow
5. Calls to action
6. Lead capture mechanism
7. Supporting graphic design
8. Site promotion
9. Testing, measurement, and refinement

1. Site Goals
Identifying goals is critical for two reasons. First, goals help you to determine what should or shouldn’t be included on your site. You use your goals document as a set of criteria for determining site content, simplifying the design process, and removing the ‘political element’ that plagues some companies. Secondly, having specific goals allows you to measure the effectiveness of your site after it’s completed and live. That’s key because if you can’t measure site performance, then improving it becomes much more problematic. So you’ll find that measurement and improvement are the keys to that ROI you’re looking for. The bottom line on goal setting is that if you never identify the target, then you can’t expect to hit it.

2. Target Audience
A foundation of effective web marketing is the ‘who’. Determining your target audience, their needs, wants, level of knowledge, goals, etc is critical to creating a website that will be effective at either lead generation or e-commerce. Often the process of defining target audience is the process of elimination. Figuring out who is not your target audience can help substantially in what can otherwise be a difficult task. Defining target audience…...

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