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Computers: The Perfect Idols
More often than not in today’s world you will tend to use computers. Directly or indirectly they have been increasing their influence on our lives from their invention in the 50’s, until the current state of their presence in every aspect of our lives. What before was done on paper, today is done on the same paper, a computer, a copy, and a form to input the data into the computer. The paperless revolution has turned sour. The very purpose of the computer as a business machine -- to reduce clutter, to organize data better and faster, and mostly to reduce the paperwork -- has been abandoned for a system dictated to us by the needs of our computers. This is only one way that computers are being misused in our society.
Think for example of the regular answer you would get if you call up any bureaucratic agency, such as a bank or a government agency, with any problem. The first response would probably involve something like: “Our computer doesn’t show that record”, or “The computer doesn’t say you did so and so.” That is also probably as far as you will get to solving that problem. The computer is the perfect cover-up for the clerk on the other end of the phone line. If the computer says so, how can anyone argue? The computer shows no record of such and such a paper, and therefore it must not exist, and that is the end. The clerk need not involve himself/herself in though as to why the record is not in the computer, or how it got out of the computer, but what the almighty computer tells him/her is certainly enough.
There is not a thing in our lives anymore that is not governed by computers. The computer handles our paperwork, calculates our salaries, grades, our car’s mileage. It is almighty, all-powerful, and definitely not to be argued with. What we do forget in this line of thought is that computers and all the information therein is…...

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