The Physics of a Bow and Arrow

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The Physics of a Bow and Arrow
A bow and arrow operates on certain principle of physics. I will be investigating what factors affect the accuracy of a bow and arrow.

Figure 1 - The change in the shape of the bow as the archer draws it.
Figure 1 - The change in the shape of the bow as the archer draws it.
A bow is a basic machine called a “two-arm spring”. Energy is stored when the archer bends the bow. It may look like the string is being stretched, however, it is not stretched but the shape of the bow is changed. The stored energy is then transferred to the arrow in the form of kinetic energy. The greater the draw length, the greater the momentum and energy that the arrow gains. A longer draw length will influence your accuracy. You, as an individual, need to find the draw length that you are most comfortable with. With your own unique draw length you need to have an anchor point. This point is the place where your hand will be every time you shoot an arrow. This will greatly improve the accuracy of the shot.
Figure 2 - Correct form to shoot an arrow
Figure 2 - Correct form to shoot an arrow
In archery your form is very important. If you do not have the correct form then you will not be able to shoot properly and you might hurt yourself. In Figure 2 (left) we can see the correct form when shooting an arrow. Old military snipers used a technique they called B.R.A.S. Breathe. If you are do not breathe then you will not be able to focus clearly on where you are aiming. Breathing actually causes a shift in body weight that can influence your shooting extremely. Your breathing needs to be balanced and steady. Relax. Tensing up before you shoot is detrimental to the accuracy of your shot. You will not be able to keep your bow steady if your muscles are tensed up. Release your draw on the bow and start again if you are tense. Aim. To put it…...

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