The Power of Influence and Team Work

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In the world of business there are many different approaches taken in order to influence the sale. Some businesses take the big box store approach selling and advertising their merchandise through a larger entity such as a Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Best Buy. Some take an exclusive approach selling their merchandise only through exclusive retailors such as Nordstrom’s. With these types of businesses there is always a middle man between the manufacturer and the final customer. In a direct marketing organization the middle man (the retailor) is shut out.
In the direct marketing approach a sales associate serves as the representative for the company and goes directly to the customers to deliver the necessary product to them. Many different kinds of business take this approach from painting services to health supplements. This form a business is similar to that of the old traveling salesman who goes from home to home hopefully selling a product that will help sell itself. Typically advertising is not done by this individual but by word of mouth among the friends of the buyers. Many sales people conduct social “mixers” where they have groups of friends gather in a party like setting to show the product. This allows the salesman to create a mob mentality with the sale helping the group sell themselves and maximizing his/her earning potential without using an unreasonable amount of time.
In big box stores and retail establishments with brick and mortar locations recruitment is done in- house where people who would like to work with them come to the location or go to the website and submit a resume or a job application in order to get a position there, Sometimes though, in a direct marketing organization there is no brick and mortar location they can go in order to apply. Many…...

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