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when I arrived at my front door, there was a purple box with my name on also had a letter attached to the box. On the letter it said "if you dare open this box it would change your life."I wonder what does it mean" I said. I opened the box and inside was a cards with a pen on it. The pieces of papers was completely blank while one the pen it said "to make your fantasies a reality". Then I saw my friend pass by I decided to wave at him. His name is cesium.

"Hey whats up" he said "hows ur day going so far".

I immediately froze up once I Heard his voice "I'm doing swell" I said with a timid glad voice." So how's ur dog doing I heard he was injured really badly."

"yeah the doctors didn't think he would've made it but he's a one of a kind dog" he said with a glad grin so you got mail today, theres no mail today on Sunday.

"Yeah its from this person I don't know from who though." I said with a frown "but still it was nice to get such a nice present."ill investigate who it came from since I am kinda curious who it did came from. So who do you think it came from"

"I don't really know" he looked at me with a very depressed look"well I could help you find out who did it" he said trying to make a smile."ok bye got to go probably my dogs getting hungry.

"Ok I will maybe go to your house later to check up on ur dog" I said with a smile but with I looked he was already gone. Then I went in my room and got out the pen and a paper. I decided to write my christmas list early. I wrote down I wanted a tablet, a candy cane and a candle for when if all the lights turn off and matches to turn on the candle. Then I reached in my backpack to do my work and to a surprise I felt something hard and metallic,I decided to take it out and it was a tablet. I was astonished it was like if just appeared in there.then on the list next to tablet there…...

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