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Life is a process. No one becomes a man before he attains youth age. Also, for a person who wishes to become a postgraduate student of ABSU, he has to follow certain processes. The process follows an inquiry on how much the form costs, payment of same amount into the bank to get the pin with which to register online, submission of credentials and forwarding of transcript, receiving a test message, down to paying of school fees and going from one office to another for the full registration. Just as life and becoming a student entail following certain processes, so is obtaining useful information in form of data for reliable decision making. Thus, we talk of “the Research Process”. Also, to obtain quality data, there is need for the use of effective tool of data collection (Techniques of Research). Before we look into the research process proper, it is necessary to understand what is meant by ‘Research’.
Definition of Research
Research is a way of solving problem, which the researcher has defined, in the subject area chosen. In general terms, according to Anyanwu (2000:1), research is concerned with finding or searching out something that can aid management in the solution of problems. That is to say that any research that cannot proffer solution to a problem is a waste of resources (time, money and energy). Research as a scientific inquiry calls for various activities. These series of activities are what give us the research process.
Meaning of Research Process
The research process, therefore, is defined as the series of activities that the researcher must perform in order to complete his/her work. To a large extent, these activities must follow step by step and in many cases, the successful completion of one is necessary in order to embark on the other. Thus, one cannot collect data for an undefined problem neither can he collect the data after…...

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