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Case Study Analysis By Marco Walker March 08, 2010 Introduction/Background The purpose of this report is to analytically investigate the performance of ABC, Inc and disseminate ways that can be implemented that would effectively eradicate company error and organize departmental processing procedures. The job description of the campus recruiter is to effectively bring in new hires into the company. The problem that was faced once individuals were recruited was the gap in time between hiring the individual and processing procedures. This ultimately caused a delay in the orientation time which delayedthe actual dates of hire. All of these problems occurredbecause of new hire processing error. It was discovered shortly before the orientation was scheduled to occur that the new hires had not been processed for preliminary drug screenings, applications were incomplete, and there were insufficiencies that existed with regards to the orientation manuals. This paper is designed to pinpoint the problems that exist leading up to the discrepanciesin processing, ways in which these problems can be resolved, and procedures that can be implemented to increase proficiency in the processing department. Through proper dissemination and evaluation, this area will become a more proficient, thorough, and effectively productive entity. Key Problems There are several main problems that exist with recruitment and processing procedures within ABC, Inc. Although the recruiter was effective at bringing in new hires, his inability to follow up on other details of his job created several loopholes in the processing of these new hires. This was due to the fact that he did not receive the proper training in his position of related issues (i.e. coordination of scheduling for new hires for drug testing, physicals, etc.) Communication - Communication needs to be improved…...

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...(2012) 424–427 Contents lists available at SciVerse ScienceDirect Behavioural Processes journal homepage: Short report Discounting the freedom to choose: Implications for the paradox of choice Derek D. Reed ∗ , Brent A. Kaplan, Adam T. Brewer University of Kansas, United States a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t Organisms prefer to make their own choices. However, emerging research from behavioral decision making sciences has demonstrated that there are boundaries to the preference for choice. Specifically, many decision makers find an extensive array of choice options to be aversive, often leading to negative emotional states and poor behavioral outcomes. This study examined the degree to which human participants discounted hypothetical rewards that were (a) delayed, (b) probabilistic, and (c) chosen from a large array of options. The present results suggest that the “paradox of choice” effect may be explained within a discounting model for individual patterns of decision making. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Article history: Received 5 December 2011 Received in revised form 14 February 2012 Accepted 27 March 2012 Keywords: Choice Choice overload Discounting Paradox of choice Search costs As described by Catania, “Whatever else is involved in the concept of freedom, it at least involves the availability of alternatives” (p. 89; 1975). Thus, within a behavioral framework, freedom may be loosely......

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...When I was 10, my parents made a choice uproot my family and emigrate to the United States. Little did I know at the time, that this would be one the most important factors that shaped who I wanted to be. Being in a completely foreign country and learning the idiosyncrasies of American culture, I began to understand that the hard decision my parents made wasn't so difficult but to them, seen as a necessity for the future of their four children to succeed. From this, my parents have greatly shaped who I am today and through their actions, given me the basic necessities I needed to create a life greater than I could have ever imagined as a child moving to an unfamiliar place. I was able to learn the value of sacrifice when it came to making a decision to benefit a larger group- in this case, my parents were selfless yet very mindful in the decision to put the future of their family ahead of their own individual goals and wishes. Twenty five years ago, my parents made a choice for our family. They left a familiar life in their homeland and came to the United States where they maintained a small store which helped me learn the fundamentals of small business which I was able to utilize in my roles at larger companies like Colosseum and The Walt Disney Company. This was their sacrifice and I will forever be changed and grateful of this sacrifice....

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...and cream had found their way into the great pot, and a cask of wine was rolled into the square as all sat down to feast. They ate and danced and sang well into the night, refreshed by the feast and their new-found friends. In the morning the three soldiers awoke to find the entire village standing before them. At their feet lay a satchel of the village's best breads and cheese. "You have given us the greatest of gifts: the secret of how to make soup from stones", said an elder, "and we shall never forget." The third soldier turned to the crowd, and said: "There is no secret, but this is certain: it is only by sharing that we may make a feast". And off the soldiers wandered, down the road. Life is not about chances, its all about CHOICES - we make!...

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...Is Breastfeeding The Right Choice? There have been many trends that moms have followed throughout the decades. One-minute breastfeeding is the best choice for the baby and there is no doubt about it, the next breastfeeding is no longer the trend and formula is in. My purpose for this paper is to figure out if breastfeeding is truly the best choice for a baby. Being young and hopeful, I one day want to have a child of my own, so hopefully this research will allow me to decide if I will breastfeed my baby. There are a lot of advantages to breastfeeding an infant. The advantages appeal not only to the infant but also to the mother. To start out breast milk is always warm and ready compared to having to prepare a bottle of formula. Not only is breast milk always ready but it also is zero dollars. Formula can be extremely expensive to continuously buy. Breastfeeding is much more accessible and is the least expensive option. Along with being convenient breast milk also enhances brain development and the infants I.Q. in ways that formula cannot. A longitudinal study over a period of eighteen years involving one thousand children was preformed to show breastfed infants grew up to have both higher intelligence and academic achievement than those who were formula fed (Burby). Research has determined that a child’s first three years are the most critical in brain development. The infant’s nutrition during these essential periods in early growth and development......

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...Choice: office workers not exercising Who? Working Singaporeans, especially those between ages 20 and 50. Why? 1. The bulk of our tax-payers and contributors to the economy fall within this category. By exercising regularly, they would be healthier, thereby improving productivity and efficiency. 2. Teenagers (students) have physical education cum training sessions in school. Thus, they exercise regularly, unlike working adults who do not have the opportunity and time to exercise. 3. Working adults do not exercise regularly due to a lack of a social setting to encourage team-oriented sports games. What? Most working Singaporeans, especially office worker, lead a sedentary lifestyle due to their heavy workload and their inability to fork out time to exercise frequently. This is a cause of concern. Research suggests that sitting down for extensive periods of time will increase the likelihood of contracting chronic illnesses, including the risk of heart illnesses as well as diabetes mellitus. A regional poll conducted across 15 markets across Asia for adults between the ages of 18 and 65 have shown that Singaporeans on average spent 36 minutes less exercising than the regional average Asian.   | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | Hospital Admissions | 437,529 | 456,461 | 468,795 | % of Admissions | Male (Age) |   ►  0-14 years | 18.9 | 19.1 | 19.3 |   ►  15-64 years | 54.7 | 53.9 | 52.6 |   ►  65 years & above | 26.4 | 27.0 | 28.1 | Female (Age) | ......

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...Theme and Narrative Elements in the Short Story Did I make the right choice? There are always at least two choices. In the short story ‘The Road Not Taken’, by Robert Frost, 1916; the theme is clearly spelled out as life choices. Living life in the fast lane or living day by day is important. In this short story the last line solidifies that the author chose the right road. There is no rule book to dictate what is right or wrong when speaking in terms of someone questioning and reflecting on whether they have taken the right road for them. “I took the one less-traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Frost, 1916. There is a sense of melancholy in this short story that pulls at my nostalgic heart strings. I wonder while reading whether or not I will be “telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by.” Frost, 1916. As the plot is built I am drawn to believe that perhaps this is a present situation and I imagine a person standing at the fork of these two paths quietly pondering while weighing the options of which way would be the better choice. The reason I get both a nostalgic and present situation feel is because the story is told in a first person point of view. The story starts off making me envision the previously mentioned image of the person weighting the options. The nostalgic portion of it comes to me towards the end of the story when the author states that he......

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...with a faint splash. [1] The Little Mermaid changes dramatically when forced to make a decision with limited time. The tale has a powerfully presented, inspiring message. [4] Rewarded in the end, The Little Mermaid gains life after death for her selfless act. [3] Fortunately for her, doing the right thing pays off. She learns that putting the man she admires before herself and being selfless was the right choice. [1] The Little Mermaid, [inv.w/w] brave, determined and selfless, is well-developed and heroic in this engaging tale. How can she possibly be considered selfless when she is focused on herself gaining what she desires? [2] Towards the end, she changes drastically and does something admirable. [6] She saves a life. She becomes a hero. [4] Facing her own fate instead of ruining another’s, The decided Little Mermaid puts the prince’s life before her own. [5] Although she is a mermaid, she is a very relatable and likeable character. [3] Exceptionally despondent, The Little Mermaid’s brave jump is most memorable in the tale. Her selflessness is what is most important. With her brave, determined and selfless heart, she is able to make the right choice to save the prince....

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...Hogar dulce hogar ¡Hola! Soy Daniela otra vez. It's me, Daniela, again. They say there's no place like home, and while I have made my home in the U.S., I still feel like Chile is home, too. But, I enjoy living in the U.S. There is such a variety of places to live from apartments and condos to single-family homes and big sprawling ranches. I remember when I was looking for a place to live when I started working here. There were so many choices. My home in the U.S. is very different from my home in Chile and even from where I lived when I was studying in Brazil. For one thing, I have a roommate, Teresa, who is from Bolivia. The home of two young women who are friends and co-workers is certainly different from a family home! 

In the Spanish-speaking world, as in other parts of the world, home styles differ depending on a person's needs, location, and of course, budget.

You can get a good idea of what houses are like in the Spanish-speaking world in the following video. Watch the video about homes in Venezuela. Are the homes similar to or different from what you imagined? In which type of home would you like to live? 

Select the play button to access the "La casa" video from Realidades. Now that you've gotten an idea about homes in the Spanish-speaking world, we are going to learn a little bit more about one of my favorite places in a house—the bedroom. We'll learn words and expressions that we can use to talk about the bedroom and how to describe, compare, and contrast.......

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...November 2015 Freedom of Choice: A Woman’s Right In 2011, approximately 1.06 million abortions took place in the United States. 85.5% of those abortions were performed on unmarried women. The reasons vary on why a women chooses abortion over birth. From having unprotected sex, failure of birth control and even rape are to name but a few. Either way, the birth of a child comes with lifelong responsibilities and affects both mother and child (Abort, 2009). Regardless of the reasons for choosing abortion, it comes down to having the freedom to choose what happens to our bodies. It is our bodies that will be subjected to the changes pregnancy brings as well as the risks. It is our finances that will support that child throughout its life. It is our maternal skills that will raise that child to be a caring, valuable member of society. Members of congress or pro-life advocates are not going to come to our homes and do these things for us so therefore, it has to be our choice to control whether we proceed with or terminate a pregnancy. If termination is our choice then we should have access to that option in a clean, safe environment. With over one million women choosing abortion over giving birth, lends to the supporting evidence in favor of right to choose arguments. Women should not be dictated to by laws of government or religious ideology in regards to their own bodies. They should retain control and be free to exercise their freedom of choice. Pregnancy can be a......

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...The Effect of Information Overload on Consumer Choice Quality in an On-Line Environment Research has found that online information overload results in less satisfied, less confident, and more confused consumers. The founding ground for the research has been on the notion of limited human processing capacity (Bettman.J.R., 1979) (Streufert, 1965), if consumers are provided with too much information at a given point in time, such that it exceeds their processing limits, the problem of information overload occurs which leads to poorer decision making and affects performance. Study This study examines the effect of on-line information load on consumer decision quality. Model Used Information load was measured by the number of alternatives and attributes and distribution of each attribute value across alternatives. It combines both traditional and structural approaches to investigating information overload. Result Results from this study largely confirm that when the level of attributes is varied equally across alternatives in addition to the number of attributes being increased, that is, when imposing information overload, consumer choice quality suffered a negative effect and is consistent with prior findings using the structural approach (Lurie, 2002) (West, 1996) Satisfaction in Choice as a Function of the Number of Alternatives Investigations have found how satisfaction from choice varies as a function of the number of alternatives faced (Elena Reutskaja,...

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