The Role of Imc in the Marketing Process

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Chapter 02
The Role of IMC in the Marketing Process

Multiple Choice Questions 1. (p. 39-40) Under Armour developed dynamic advertising, sponsorships of sports leagues, a creative Web site and celebrity spokespeople to promote their sports and clothing products. Under Armour is engaged in:
A. integrated marketing communications
B. a centralized market strategy
C. a concentrated market strategy
D. an undifferentiated market strategy
E. lifestyle segmentation based on sports
See opening vignette. 2. (p. 41) According to the marketing and promotions process model, which of the following is NOT a stage in the target marketing process?
A. market identification
B. promotional decisions
C. market segmentation
D. positioning through marketing strategies
E. target market selection 3. (p. 41) The marketing promotion model includes all of the following major components EXCEPT:
A. the organization's marketing strategy and analysis
B. the marketing planning program development
C. the target marketing process
D. the marketing management hierarchy plan
E. the target market

4. (p. 41) According to the marketing and promotions process model, the marketing process begins with the:
A. development of the marketing mix
B. development of a marketing strategy and analysis
C. development of the promotional mix
D. determination of the target market
E. establishment of marketing objectives 5. (p. 42) A(n) _____ is a document that evolves from an organization's overall corporate strategy and serves as a guide for specific marketing programs and policies.
A. strategic marketing plan
B. integrated marketing communications plan
C. situation analysis
D. opportunity analysis
E. competitive plan 6. (p. 42) _____ are defined as external areas where there are favorable demand trends, where customer needs and wants are not being…...

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