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The Sunflower by Simon Wiesenthal is a book of non-fiction. The first section, also titled “The Sunflower,” is an account of Wiesenthal’s experience as a concentration camp prisoner under the Nazi regime. In the account, Wiesenthal describes his life in
Poland prior to the German occupation, his experiences of anti-Semitism within the
Polish culture, and his life as a concentration camp prisoner. He describes life in the concentration camp, the continuous humiliations, the hunger, the illness, and the constant threat of death.
Central to the narrative in “The Sunflower” is the story of Simon being summoned to the deathbed of a young Nazi soldier whom Simon calls Karl and who has been wounded in combat. Karl confesses to Simon his activities against Jewish people, which he did in the service of the Nazi regime, and tells Simon he cannot die in peace unless Simon, a Jewish person, forgives him for the things he has done to Jewish people. Simon, after hearing the detailed confession, leaves the room without giving forgiveness. This experience haunts him long after the encounter. After the war,
Simon tracks…...

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