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Does a flightless bird ever look up and wish to reach the sky ? Does a fluid ocean ever regret its least stable nature? Or does a mountain ,at times want to swing along the flow ? Well certainly they can’t , they cant move beyond what they actually are . Which means that there exists this most basic rule of nature which keeps everything within their deep-seated traits. A threshold like speed of light which sets the upper limit on ability and attribute ! The threshold seems true for all natural entity equally. But what about us “the humans”? Does that bar applies on us too ? Well to b frank i have serious doubt about us being natural. Except for eating food ,peeing frequently and having sex everything else has been enveloped by artificialness . well actually the basic activities motioned above too have been contaminated . So what about the bar then ? If we have moved out of the natural domain why would be under any natural threshold ? SIGH ... i really wish this was the case . i really wish life was a “ask and its given” scenario . but it isn’t !There is a serious mismatch between what we aspire and what we get . Seems bit obvious ? Well yes certainly a mundane thought .
But what keeps me gasping is a thought which is a step ahead of this basic 'Threshold' paradox , which is Does the threshold belongs to all individual separately ? I mean are our abilities and reach predefined ? Are the motivational lines ‘work hard you will get it ‘,keep aspiring big , dream king size and blah blah any close to being real or in this case natural ? Is the belief of believing in ‘believe’ a myth ? Aint we come wired just like a chip with specification sheet defining our reach ? That is, a singer is always born with a “euphony” switch and a dancer with “ rhythmically move your butt “ switch . which makes all these guys with special abilities have their respective “shiny”…...

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