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We’re hearing a lot these days about “humanizing” business, but it’s really based on the oldest of concepts: balance. You can’t have affluence without responsibility, contentment without values, wisdom without beliefs, and commerce without ethics.
And you certainly can’t have leadership without people, without…humanity.
The genius of leadership is its humanness and heart.
If we don’t recognize the importance on human engagement, human communication, human development, we will not have a business – or, for that matter, anyone to lead.
True heart-based leadership is humanity leadership. It starts with some universal principles:
 Human recognition. Each person deserves to be valued.
 Human openness. Each person deserves the truth.
 Human acceptance. Each person deserves acceptance.
 Human respect. Each person deserves respect.
 Human focus. Each person deserves attention.
When these principles are in place, their influence is felt in everything we do.
Every conversation becomes meaningful, every meeting fosters effective connections, every transaction is important.
Humanity is born out of the heart’s revelation that another person is every bit as important as we are.
Leading and humanity is a partnership. It takes the best parts of ourselves, our diverse backgrounds, our distinct gifts and it emerges them together to complement each other.
In the world of fast paced technology and globalization of our businesses the domination will shift from control leading to the humanity of leadership.
Gone soon will be the days of power, control, secrecy and silos.
Today the road to success is in the essence of the people, in how they communicate, connect and collaborate with…...

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