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Michael abbington
Michael abbington

For this Introduction to Sociology class I had to think of what would be my violation of a folkway.
Norms are standards or guides for behavior. Norm specify behavioral expectations by defining what are correct and incorrect ways to situations. Folkways are often referred to as customs. They are a standard behavior that are socially approved but not morally significant. The norms of everyday people follow for the the sake of tradition of convenience. In short mores distinguish the difference from right and wrong while folkway draw a line between right and rude.

As a kid, I can remember being taught don’t talk to strangers and although I was young I still felt that I was a reasonable judge of character. I know our parents instructed us never to enter anyone’s car without a parent’s permission. The same rule applies to taking food or drinks from other people you know. As children we were taught to respect an adult and listen to them so most children have difficulty say no to adults. Folkways operate primarily at an unconscious level and persist because they are expedient. I thought about what sort of norm I should violate and where should I perform the experiment. It was every Saturday morning when my three brothers and one sister had to clean the house from top to bottom. Our duties included washing walls, mopping the basement floor, doing the laundry and washing windows. After completing our chores we would take our bathes and get dressed to go skating. We would not go anywhere without our cousin she would come over and then our parents would take us downtown to the RKO Palace so we could watch cartoons on the big screen. On Sunday morning we would all get up and help prepare for breakfast. The proper selection of foods make a difference in controlling our weight because eating right and being active can help maintain a…...

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