The Yellow Wall Paper

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The Yellow Wall paper

One of the most fascinating things about growing older is that the older you get, the more observative you become. You begin to see things as time itself, a collage of memory and projected ideas. The essence of things becomes a quest, an adventure, even. The conquest is not minimized by the lack of strength of the victory; instead it is relished for the strength of the victor. Personal conflict can lend itself to improvising any number of scenarios to escape the reality, or at least to make it more tolerable. In the story of The Yellow Wallpaper, we read of one desperate woman’s struggle to endure an undisclosed and possibly fatal illness. Her tale echoes across the ages, and the many billions who have succumbed with only their heart and intellect still intact.

Written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, this short story is an interesting one which allows the reader to become so involved, so captivated in the author’s thoughts and feelings that you literally delve into her mind and become what she is, if only for a short time. As apparent as it may be that some believe this story should have never been written it is clear to see that there are many things we go through in our daily lives that this could become something that we might, at some point, have to deal with ourselves. We all know that there are things we could admire and things we could justly do without. In the story “The Yellow-Wallpaper” the actual wallpaper becomes a tormenting, unrelentless chase for a simple grasp at one more accomplishment, one more fulfilled dream. The pursuit of longevity in every breath, and a sense of accomplishment that was what we could not do without. Universally, unequivocally, we all do well to examine the tentative in life, for we all will be one step slower someday. In this case, Charlotte’s ceaseless examination of the askewed…...

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Yellow Wallpaper

...The Yellow Wallpaper: Narrator’s Perception Of Reality "The color is hideous enough and unreliable enough and infuriating enough, but the pattern is torturing. You think you have mastered it, but just as you get well underway in following, it turns a back-somersault and there you are. It slaps you in the face, knocks you down, and tramples upon you." (Gildman, p. 71) The story of the Yellow Wallpaper tells us about the madness of the “nameless” main character as she is suffering from a nervous depression. Her husband john, a physician, takes her to a leased summer home to try to relieve her with rest-cure. Rather than curing his wife from her disorder, John worsens the effects sending her into a severe depression. The role of the yellow wallpaper plays a dominant role in the story reviling her insanity through her writings, her husband’s treatments that worsen her health; and the lady behind the wallpaper. The narration in the Yellow Wallpaper is written in a unique first person point of view. Because of this we are able to see the deterioration of her state throughout the whole story. The narrator of the story is isolated from the outside world only exposed through a barred window to look out. She has no contact with the outside world, except john and their housekeeper Jennie, which leads her to writing. John does not want his wife to write because he thinks it will diminish her treatment, but she does anyway, which is exhausting for her to do it in secret. As the......

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...Name: Course: College: Lecturer: Date: The Yellow Wallpaper Paper: A Story Charlotte Perkins Gilman was born in 1860 and was a prominent American social reform lecturer and writer of short stories, novels and poetry. She was an ideal feminist in a time when her achievements were exceptional for women. For this reason, she acted as a role model for future generations of feminists owing to her nonconformist concepts and lifestyle. This means she was an activist for women’s rights. She is today remembered for her semi-nonfictional short story, The Yellow Wall Paper, which she wrote after a difficult period of post-partum depression. She wrote the book in early 19th century when feminism was rather revolutionary. The book is a true impression of a strong woman reacting to adversity. The Yellow Wall Paper is a short story that describes the suffering of a woman confined to her home after subjection to post-partum depression. She appears as a woman who is totally submissive to her husband. While suffering from acute depression, she has to spend her days restricted to her house. However, there is a frightful wall paper in her bedroom that she keeps staring at day in day out. This yellow paper drives her totally insane, and she eventually tears it down. She feels alone in her little world. Unfortunately, her husband does not give her any support despite her sickness and does not want her to write. She also cannot visit or interact with family and friends and is confined...

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...《黃色牆紙》 夏洛特•佩金斯•吉爾曼著 楊曉照譯 注1:該文本英文版由1973年對1899年初版的再版掃描成電子文本。該1973年版本由女權出版社出版。 注2:該手抄本最初用于史蒂芬•雷頓教授1997的春季課程“1865年以來的美國文學”。 第一章 像John和我這樣的普通人竟保護著祖傳的夏季禮堂,這真是件稀罕事。 這是一所殖民地豪宅,世襲財産,讓人感受到浪漫的幸福,然而卻幽藏著太多的未知命運,我想說那是一座鬧鬼的豪宅。 我還敢大膽地宣布那裏必定有些什麽怪事發生。 不然為什麽這麽廉價就出租這豪宅?又為什麽這麽久了仍無人問津? John為我的多慮而嘲笑我,婚後還巴望那些怪事發生。 John實際上是一個極端主義者,他對信仰的事情毫無耐心,把它們當作迷信一起的恐懼。他公開嘲諷那些形而上的抽象言論,因為它們既看不見,也摸不著。 他是個內科醫生,可能(我本不想把這些告訴一個活人,但這是死亡的文書,況且說出來對我也是精神上的安慰)這就是我無法早點重拾健康的原因。 你看,他甚至根本不相信我是病態的! 可我又能怎麽辦呢? 如果一個人的親丈夫是一個自視頗高的內科醫生,他對那個人的親朋好友確信地說那個人並無大礙,只是有些精神衰弱,有那麽一點點歇斯底裏。那個人又能怎麽辦呢? 我哥哥也是個內科醫生,同樣自視頗高,他對別人說了同樣的話。 因此我開始服用磷酸鹽、百憂解之類的,不管它是什麽,說它是滋補品也隨你便。隨之而來的還有旅行、新鮮空氣、足夠的體操鍛煉,我已被禁止任何“工作”,除非變成健康人。 其實我覺得他們的想法是錯的。 其實我覺得適意的工作,帶來刺激和新鮮感的工作,對我是件好事。 可我又能怎麽辦呢? 不管他們樂不樂意,我已經寫下上面那些話。可就是這麽一點文字也讓我覺得身心疲憊不堪,我的心承受著如此重壓。 我時常幻想像我這樣的人如果多些社交活動和刺激的事該會多好,John卻告誡我,對我來說最糟糕的事情就是幻想自己的處境。我也承認這幻想讓我痛苦。 所以我們還是談談房子吧,讓那些幻想飛走吧。 這是個極美的地方,我們的房子孤獨地遠離公路,遠離3公裏外的村莊。這裏讓我想到小說中描繪的英國,一排籬笆,城堡周圍環繞著高牆,鐵門緊鎖,園藝工和農民住在分散的小木屋中。 多麽甜美的花園!廣闊的花園中樹影蔭翳,小徑交錯,藤蔓回環伸展,葡萄藤悄悄爬上涼亭,擁抱著廊柱。 本來還有花房,但現在全成了廢墟。 這豪宅有些法律上的麻煩,是關于繼承人的紛爭,由于無法做出最終決斷,房子已經空了好幾年。 這讓我心中的幽靈有些不安,雖然害怕,但我不在乎,我能察覺這屋內的異樣。 在一個月光灑落的夜晚,我向John傾訴我的不安。他卻告訴我一切異樣都是一陣風引起的,旋即拉上了窗門。 有時我對John不合情理地發怒,可過去我並不是這麽敏感易怒的人,也許都怪我的神經衰弱吧。 John說我該學著適當地控制自己,于是我忍痛在他面前盡量這樣做,之後,疲憊蹂躏著我的心。 我不喜歡自己的房間。我常想,要是有一節可愛的短樓梯連接我的閣樓,有叢玫瑰擁簇在我的窗口,有老式印花布挂在屋內,那該多美妙啊。可John是不會理睬這種建議的。 他還說這只有一扇窗戶,也沒有地方放兩張床,更沒有多余的房間了。 他很細心,也算愛我,沒有特殊指導,他是不會讓我到處走動的。 他給我制定了一張精細到小時的作息表,處處都照顧著我。如果我還不滿意的話,反倒會譴責自己多麽不領情,多麽忘恩負義。 他...

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...Charlotte Gilman’s short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a feminist’s tale of a woman who is spoken to like a child, ignored like a piece of furniture, and treated medically in a way that is horrible to most sensibilities. The horror she tolerates starring at the dreadful wallpaper day after day is really just a side effect of her abuse, and her frustrating lack of fulfillment, which was forbidden by a fool-hardy psychologist and enforced by the patriarchy of her husband. The short story was published in a New England magazine in 1892 and was received with mixed reviews. “Such a story ought not to be written” said one Boston physician. “Another physician, in Kansas, I think, wrote to say that it was the best description of incipient insanity he had ever seen” Crazy, or not, Gilman’s work was quickly recognized for its feminist message. “Gilman's story quickly evolved from a relatively obscure and subversive magazine piece of the late nineteenth century to a formative feminist classic” (St. Jean, 2002,). There are several examples of Gilman being spoken to by her husband the way a parent would speak to an anxious four year-old. “What is it little girl?” he said, “Don’t go walking about like that – you’ll get cold” (Gilman, in Kirszner, 2010, p. 465). “Bless her little heart!” said he with a big hug, “she shall be as sick as she pleases…[go] to sleep, and talk about it in the morning” (p. 466). Thrailkill confirms that The Yellow Wallpaper is indeed a feminist......

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...The movie WALL-E is, on the surface, a cute movie about a robot (WALL-E) that is left on earth after humanity evacuated it when they polluted the earth, and left much waste behind. It is WALL-E's job to clean up the mess. However, after 700 years of this job, it has started to make him eccentric. He collects artifacts from earth, and places them in his house. One day a scout drone comes to earth from one of humanities spaceships. This robot is named EVE. It is on a mission to find life on earth. WALL-E falls in love with EVE. Soon eve finds a plant that WALL-E had stored in his home. EVE then returns to the spaceship, with WALL-E following her. Hijinks ensure, and humanity is eventually led back to earth with the help of WALL-E. They then begin to repopulate earth. However, if you look underneath the 'cute' layer, you will find many references to religious stories. The two I am going to discuss are the tower of Babel and Noah's arc. To begin with, I will note the similarities with the 'Noah's arc' story. I am sure you will be familiar with the story, so here is an outline. God tells Noah that the world will flood for 40 days and nights, and that he should build a large boat and round up two of every animal to survive the flood. Noah does so, and then after he is finished, the world floods, from a lot of rain. After 40 days, the rain stops. So Noah send out a dove, which is called 'eve' in some stories, to retrieve a twig from dry land. After it returns, Noah determines that......

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The Yellow Paper comes to diagnosing the narrator’s illness. Though John seems like the obvious villain of “The Yellow Wallpaper,” the story does not allow us to see him as wholly evil. John’s treatment of the narrator’s depression goes terribly wrong, but he was trying to help her no to make her worse. John is so sure that he knows what’s best for his wife that he disregards her own opinion of the matter, forcing her to hide her true feelings. SIMON He calls her “a blessed little goose”, “little girl”(Imature women) and rejects her smallest wishes, such as when he refuses to switch bedrooms. He does not intend to harm her, but his ignorance about what she really needs ultimately proves dangerous. John knows his wife only superficially. He sees the “outer pattern” but misses the trapped, struggling woman inside. He cares for his wife, but the unequal relationship in which they find themselves prevents him from truly understanding her and her problems. THOMAS By treating her as a “case” or a “wife” and not as a person with a will of her own, he helps destroy her, which is the last thing he wants. That John has been destroyed by this imprisoning relationship is made clear by the story’s ending After breaking in on his insane wife, John faints in shock and goes unrecognized by his wife, who calls him “that man” and complains about having to “creep over him” as she makes her way along the wall. It may seem to harsh but in the 19th century it was a widely accepted and popular form of......

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...“THE YELLOW WALLPAPER” BY CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN Introduction In the late nineteenth century, Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1973) wrote “The Yellow Wall Paper”. This story can make a readers' mind think just by the way this story presents the main character of a woman and her ordeals as she lived a secluded life, as well as how her relationship with the man in her life is dealt. Some readers might think she is crazy and some may think she is depressed. Charlotte Perkins Gilman's, "The Yellow Wallpaper" is the story of a woman's descent into madness as the result of being isolated as a form of "treatment" when suffering from post-partum depression. The author, who is believed to be narrator as well, talks about her personal travel in to the world where an illness has brought her. All her thought and feelings are written in a journal and as she goes down in to the world that she has created in the confines of the room where she was kept. The story line presents that the narrator's mental condition is getting worse, leading to psychosis. Gilman explains the complexities of woman nature as she uses symbolisms to define the psychological realms of the plot. “The Yellow Wallpaper” ​The unnamed woman in this story (believed to be the author herself) fantasies about the yellow wallpaper are driving her mad. The protagonist experienced hallucinations and persistent thoughts over things. Crawling women, colorful artwork and a moving pattern depict the narrator's increased......

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...Yellow Wallpaper I look over at her, and my heart aches. She is as beautiful as the day I first saw her. She wonders why the estate was given so cheaply and for the love of me , I cannot come to point to tell her the truth, so I take the cowardly way out and just laugh it off. It seems I cannot come to grips with what is happening to my darling girl. Relatives and friends have begun asking questions about the way that she has been acting and I have convinced them that she is fine and it’s just the stress of childbirth that has increased her anxiety level and she’ll get better soon. I too want to believe my own words. The doctor has recommended that she take tonics to improve her health, he has also recommended that the country air will do her good. I am worried greatly about her, but if I do show it, it might cause her to get even more ill. I have forbidden her from doing household chores; even taking care of the baby, the more she works herself is the worst she might get. She loves the house , I can see it in the way her face lights up when she see’s the garden and in the way her smile widens and the light returns to her eyes. The room that she is assigned is not to her liking, she expresses her displeasure , she claims she wanted the room downstairs that opens on the piazza and had roses all over the windows. I appease her by telling her that the room downstairs doesn’t have enogh space for two beds and there was only one window and no near room for me to......

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...Yaqi Wan Instructor: Joshua Weathersby EN 210 September 20, 2015 Feminist For the first paper, I want to talk about a fiction called “The Yellow Wall-paper” which made a profound impression on me. This short novel is written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman who is a well-known American novelist and wrote so many works about feminist. She also made a huge contribution of feminist movement from 19 to 20 century. If we want to know well about a fiction, the first thing we need to do is to understand the experience or background of the author. According to the introduction of Charlotte Perkins Gilman in the book “The Norton Anthology American Literature”, she was born in Hartford, Connecticut and had an unfortunate childhood. When she was young, her father divorced with her mother. Then, she lived a hard life with her father. Maybe because of this reason, she showed a high degree of autonomy and independence in her young age. Gilman got married in 1884, and had a daughter. However, her marriage is not so lasting and it ended in 1888 (484). Housework always troubled her and made her almost breakdown. As for this fiction which called “The Yellow Wall-paper”, it was published in 1892 and this novel was written based on Gilman’s life experience. At the beginning, the heroine was send to a villa which was in a remote suburban for recuperating by her husband, because she suffered from mild postpartum depression. She was forced to accept medical treatment in this villa, and lived like...

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...Charlotte Gilman's demented short story “the yellow wallpaper” uses first person point of view to emphasize the narrator's progression of mental insanity throughout the story. The reader is lead first hand along the character's slow creep from a lucid nervous women to a delusional, untrusting, psychopath. In the beginning of the story Gilman describes the narrator as a lucid weak minded character that is well aware of her own nervous condition but is averse to the treatments enforced by her husband John. The narrator is mindful of her condition and would “fancy if it had less opposition and more society and stimulus.” The narrator yearns for less people trying to conceal her in attempt to fix the condition but instead wants to have more interactions with the outside world, she believes that will be a far better plan of treatment for herself but john disagrees. This leads the reader to believe that narrator is confident in her opinion towards her condition but their view of the narrator is changed when she continues on saying “— John says the very worst thing I can do is think about my condition” but she is forced to because she has no one else to talk to since john concealed her in the room. The narrator interrupts her own train of thought by recalling johns instruction, this shows the husband's authority over her very own state of mind. Gilman allows the reader to connect with the narrator through first person, bringing forth the realization of the narrator being......

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...Justin Weber Professor Stover English 1302 Paper A/ 3:00 05/03/2014 “The Yellow Wall-Paper” “The Yellow Wall-Paper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a story about a woman who moves to a house with her physician husband, John, who orders her to rest to help with her “nervousness.” After a while of being alone, she begins to see a woman coming out of the mysterious wallpaper and becomes obsessive. Near the end of their rental, she locks herself in the room to pull down the wallpaper and free the woman trapped inside. As John arrives and unlocks the door, he faints upon seeing his wife. The story concludes with the woman circling the room, stepping over her husband. The central idea is to show how when one is oppressed and denied the opportunity to be free, it can often have dangerous side effects. "The Story of an Hour" "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin is the story of Mrs. Louise Mallard, a woman with a heart condition, whose sister has arrived at her house to inform her of the death of her husband, Brently. Mrs. Mallard immediately bursts into tears crying into her sister's arms before retreating by herself to a vacant room. Once inside the room, Mrs. Mallard becomes overwhelmed with joy at the thought of the freedom she will now have. As Mrs. Mallard leaves the room, the front door is opened and Mr. Mallard unexpectedly walks in, unaware that he was thought to be dead. Mrs. Mallard, at the sight of her husband, is overcome by her heart condition and......

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...The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper is a short story that describes a young woman who is believed to be suffering from mental problems. John, her husband, decides to take a vacation with her during summer for what he believes will cure his wife. The man rents a big old house, and he decides that they should stay in the upstairs. The couple is also in the company of the husband’s sister who acts as a housekeeper. After a few weeks, she manages to spend time with her family that she had not seen in a long time. She takes quite some time with them, but her condition worsens, and her husband threatens to take her away from there. She begs him not to, and this leaves the only solution of being confined in her room. In her room she discovers yellow wallpaper that is able to reflect the current situation she is going through. Her thoughts and imaginations make her to arrive to a point where she is broken angry about her life. In either way she does not get the answers to whatever she is looking for and this worsens her illness. The thoughts behind the yellow paper reveal the main purpose for the author of the story. The paper also generates the main themes for the story that differ from different written stories (Mays). Theme of Self-expression The main theme in the story would be the lack of self-expression. It refers to revealing of one's thoughts and personality at free will. Gilman wrote the story at the time when women faced......

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...The Yellow Wall` and `A Rose for Emily` As medical authority has become more extensive , it has necessarily become more diffuse as well so that moral and medical categories are now thoroughly and probably inextricably confused ' -Edgar Z Friedenberg- The two short stories , The Yellow Wall and A Rose for Emily unravel insanity on two different views . The first gives an in-depth and encompassing autobiographical depiction of a woman 's emotional breakdown , while the latter offers a distant , detached look at a female victim of madness ' Of the two , Gilman 's story provides a better examination of the because her narrator is also the protagonist thereby , giving the readers a more thorough look into the character 's internal crisis Gilman 's short story provokes readers to ponder the wife 's affliction especially when , at a closer scrutiny , her narration turns out to be completely comprehensive and rational , ill-befitting a supposed loony person . Is it really insanity that she 's suffering from ? Or is it a case of misdiagnosis on the part of the husband physician ? According to Anne J . Lane 's introduction in Charlotte Perkins Gilman 's novel Herland the latter wrote The Yellow Wall to avenge the horrendous experience she had under the care of professional psychiatrists when she admitted herself under the care of Dr . S . Weir Mitchell in 1887 . Gilman personally opposed Dr . Mitchell 's rest cure ' which according to her almost drove her mad (Lane , pg ....

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Los mil orcos – R. A. Salvatore | 26.12.1600:32 Uhr Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Music By Michael Giacchino) Soundtrack256 kbit/s 0 / 06.570 Hits VID P2P DDL 0 Kommentare | El Muneco De Nieve HDTV-Screener