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Theories on Crime Comparison Angelika L. Arnold AJS/542 May 20, 2013 Marcela Morales

Theories on Crime Comparison For several years, theorists have come to the conclusion that people commit crimes for several different reasons. Some say that criminals are born; some say that it is because of self gratification and the need to be rewarded. Theorists believe that there is a psychological, biological, and sociobiological theory that will explain the genuine thought, behavior, and action of the common criminal. This paper will contain information regarding the relationship between personality and criminal behavior; the key elements of the psychological theory, and the philosophical basis of each theory. Key Elements of the Psychological Theory Psychological theory focuses on the involvement among personality, the learned behavior, and criminal behavior. The question is raised concerning the actual criminal behavior that an individual displays and why these people commit crimes. Although theorist believe that what they believe is true there could be many different aspects that develop the makeup of a criminal. By looking back into the criminal behavior of some serial killers and habitual criminals people have often asked why they do what they do; what clicked in their minds that made them commit such heinous crimes? Research, extensive studies have been conducted to determine exactly what switched was turned on to cause these individuals to do the things that they do. While researching the life of the mad man who people know as Charles…...

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...The biological theory focuses on the way that we are designed according to our genetics. This theory believes that mind and body go hand in hand. This theory takes neither cognitive processes or the environment into consideration. Neighborhood Watch programs takes account for reports regarding deviant behavior as well as those about crime. Neighborhood Watch increases the cost of crime due to the fact the price for committing crime is higher now than it was in the past. The biological factors help to fore warn crime prevention programs of the crimes that one will commit based on the behavioral patterns of prior offenders. The rational theory is also known as the rational choice theory of crime. This theory focuses on wanting more than the least of something. It also direct ones attention to the things that are better off in the long run, and not short term. The primary thought of rational choice theory is the choice patterns that people use in communities are impacted greatly due to the fact that they are trying to use their benefit to its full extent for less. This theory informs individuals on the outcome of what will happen after they have done something. It explains to them the full extent of the crime and punishment. As it relates to Neighborhood Watch Programs, they hang signs and provide other propaganda intelling the after affects of committing a crime. Example: signs say no to drugs and a person going to jail. Example: A picture of a person......

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...Assignment 2: Crime Theories Charles Faust Professor Jesse Witherspoon CIS 170-Information Technology in Criminal Justice 11/3/13 Abstract “In any society the benefits or affluence is not equally distributed and there are individual differences in personality profiles, and different groups are able to cope with strain and therefore psychological, social environmental factors, official crime control methods, values and beliefs, as well psychological factors, biological factors and social factors interact in different degrees on individuals and groups and therefore give birth to the commitment of crime (Fickle p.32).” This in essence is the theory of crime as it is related to today’s world and how I view digital crime. Psychological issues are at the leading forefront for the cause of digital crime. Psychological Theories “There are several psychological theories that have been applied to criminal activity (Taylor p. 39).” I will look at the impact of how moral development and personality disorders have certain effects on crime. Moral development theories allow you to look at the differences that exist between criminals and noncriminal, whereas personalities show that there are specific behaviors that show can lead to crime. Moral Development. Considering the relative influence of nature and nurture in the determination of criminal behavior is obviously crucial. There has been some research that considers the importance of genetic factors and some that......

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...Crime Theories CIS 170 Information Technology in Criminal Justice There are many different theories that are related to crime but the main two that I want to talk about is subcultural theory and terrorism and political theory. These two theories caught my eye because these are the main reasons why there are terrorist in this world. The subcultural theory is a set of values, norms, and values that differ from the dominant culture. The book say that the main tenet of the subculture theory is that criminals, including computer criminals, hold values, norms, and beliefs that are in opposite to those held in the dominant culture. These individuals behave in a manner that is consistent with their values, norms, and beliefs, which many times will bring them in conflict with the law. To understand criminal justice, it is necessary to understand crime. Most policy-making in criminal justice is based on criminological theory, whether the people making those policies know it or not. In fact, most of the failed policies in criminal justice are due to misinterpretation, partial implementation, or ignorance of criminological theory. Much time and money could be saved if only policymakers had a thorough understanding of criminological theory. At one time, criminological theory was rather pure and abstract, with few practical implications, but that is not the case anymore. For example, almost all criminologists today use a legalistic rather than normative definition of crime...

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...Crime Data Comparison Rebecca Valenteen CJA/314 May 19, 2014 Jen Duncan In 1929 the International Association of Chiefs of Police concocted a systematic method to reporting crime called the Uniform Crime Report (UCR). Shortly after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was tasked with collecting, publishing, and archiving the statistics. Seven main classifications were chosen to measure the fluctuation of overall volume and rate of each crime (National Atlas of the United States, n.d.). These seven classifications, also known as the crime index, are murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and larceny theft. An eighth index, arson, was added to the report in 1979. With these statistics officials can determine the effectiveness of new laws and programs as well as the effectiveness of staff and procedural changes. This data affects numerous issues such as budget decisions, integration of new laws, and staffing decisions. The public also looks to this report for information pertaining to fluctuation in crime. Others, such as criminologists, municipal planners, legislators, media, and sociologists use the statistics for planning and research. Although these reports are never going to be a 100% accurate due to the amount of underreported crime throughout the United States, they generally give society a good sense of what is taking place in different areas. Underreporting of crime happens because law officials do not know......

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...Crime Data Comparison Paper Name CJA/ 314 January, 2014 Dr. Anthony Carbo Abstract In this paper, this student completes the following: This student will compare forcible rape crime rates for California and Oregon. This student will compare the data to show which metropolitan area had more reported incidents of forcible rape crimes. This student will also identify the rates of the crime for each metropolitan area. In addition, this student will address how the crime rate changed over time in each city, and what factors might explain the differences in the rates? Finally, this student provides a conclusion about the topic Crime Data Comparison Paper In this paper, this student completes the following: This student will compare forcible rape crime rates for California and Oregon State. This student will compare the data to show which metropolitan area had more reported incidents of forcible rape crimes. This student will also identify the rates of the crime for each metropolitan area. In addition, this student will address how the crime rate changed over time in each state, and what factors might explain the differences in the rates? Finally, this student provides a conclusion about the topic * Number of Forcible Rape Crimes Reported The FBI has gathered crime statistics from law enforcement agencies from across the Nation that voluntarily participates in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program since 1930. The "UCR Uniform Crime Reporting......

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...The fast growth of technology is creating more and more threats to our society in a number of ways. It is threatening individuals by letting cybercriminals gain access to sensitive information that can cause harm to innocent people. It is also creating threats to our younger generations that are unable to cope with the high emotions of social media sites. Individuals are being lured by fake profiles or fake people who would do harm to them. Computer crimes are on the rise. Law enforcements and agencies are doing everything they can to prevent the spread of these crimes. They have created special task divisions to protect our society better. New laws have been put to place to protect U.S citizens better. The four categories of crime: the computer as a target, the computer as an instrument, the computer as incidental to a crime, and crimes associated with prevalence of computer show that everyone can fall victim to some cybercrime. The computer as a target The computer as a target in cybercrime is what today’s society fears. Examples that are considered the computer being a target are denial of service attack, data alteration, and intrusion. Denial of service is when cyber criminals deny users to access to a machine or network. An example of this is when Yahoo was hacked into, and users could not open the website for a couple of hours until Yahoo had fixed the issue. Yahoo’s denial of service attack is a great example because it showed society that even big......

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...Crime Data Comparison GEN 314: Criminology March 9, 2015 Crime Data Comparison study within two Tennessee Metropolitan Cities Utilizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR), this paper will compare burglary crime statistics between two metropolitan cities within Tennessee. This paper will discuss which area had more reported burglary incidents, what were the rates of crime for each area, did the rates change over time in either area, and what factors might explain the differences in the rates. FBI Uniform Crime Reporting The FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program was created by the FBI in 1929 as an official crime data-gathering program covering the entire United States. It was developed from a national initiative by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), whose goal was to develop a set of uniform crime statistics for use by police agencies and policymakers (Schmalleger, 2012, p.235).  Under the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program burglary is defined as an unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft. The use of force to gain entry does not have to occur to be classified as an offense to burglary. Additionally, burglary is broken into three sub classifications: forcible entry, unlawful entry where no force is used, and attempted forcible entry. A “structure” is defined as an apartment, barn, house trailer or houseboat when used as a permanent dwelling, office, railroad car (but not an......

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...Theories on Crime Comparison Frank Canini AJS/542 Criminological Theory Angela Dudley April 13, 2015 Many experts will argue that behavior and personality traits contribute to criminal behavior. Theories exist that provide sufficient evidence of these arguments, leading criminal justice professionals to seek alternative methods to preventing crime other than implementing harsh prison sentences. As we begin to understand the relationship between personality and criminal behavior, we begin developing rehabilitation programs intended to treat the underlying psychological issues that motivate people to commit certain crimes. By rehabilitating these individuals without incarceration, we can help keep prison populations down while benefitting society by allowing rehabilitated criminals to integrate back into their communities. Theories exist that can provide evidence linking behavioral traits to criminal behavior. Experts believe there biological, sociobiological, and psychological traits that contribute to the criminal behavior of an individual. Studies show that even all three traits combine to create a cocktail that leads to dishonest and unethical acts that can be defined as crime. As we examine these behavioral traits our focus will be on the psychological aspects of criminal behavior. Psychological behavior can be classified as conduct disorder that is usually identified in early childhood. These psychological disorders act as a precursor to possible......

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...Introduction “Criminology is the scientific study of the causation, correction and prevention of crime” (Legal Dictionary, 2015). Understanding crime and the events that happen leading up to the act help compare and contrast the causes, effects, and patterns of criminal behavior. The studies of such involve developing theories; this is the development of criminology. Scientific research is conducted to better understand individuals in societies. Criminology is the foundation of the justice system where crime is studied along with issues related to crime. This paper is intended to discuss the sociobiological theory that will explain the relationship between personality and criminal behavior, to compare key elements of sociobiological with biological and psychological theories, and finally, to identify the philosophical basis to each of these theories. The Relationship between Personality and Criminal Behavior Sociobiological theory is based on the combination of human behavior that occurs naturally with the effects of society. Researchers have thought of this theory by means of learning behaviors that are genetic compared to the environments that individuals are surrounded by. Founded by E.O. Wilson, the sociobiological theory used principles are Darwinism, in that human behaviors are evolutionary (Stanford, 2009). There are predisposition behaviors that will separate a criminal from an upstanding citizen. One example can be found among gang members as they......

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...Crime Data Comparison Paper Justin Coleman CJS/231 9/28/15 Kenneth Bitting Crime Data Comparison Paper Crime data is reported through the UCR (Uniform Crime Report) which is recorded by the F.B.I (Federal Bureau of Investigation). Local law enforcement reports their yearly crime to the UCR. Crime data is divided into personal or violent crimes, property crimes, murder, burglary, arson, and robbery. The only way the report can be 100% accurate is if all crime committed are reported. The UCR is not completely accurate but can give you a picture of what crimes are being committed and how often. There is crime everywhere all over the world and the United States some areas have higher crime rates than others. Citizens use the UCR when moving to a new area. It can show what neighborhoods have a higher break in rate versus others. Crime rates vary month to month, year to year, and city to city. If the economy is down in a certain area than the crime rates usually go up because people turn to crime to provide for their families. The UCR can also be altered if there is a high police activity in the area. City’s Chosen for Comparison The two metropolitan areas that I have chosen for comparison are Atlanta, Georgia and Savannah, Georgia. I choose the two areas because I have spent time in them as a youth and they both are predominate cities in the south. I will be comparing the crime of murder in the two cities. Fulton County is the county where Atlanta is located in 2014......

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...Crime Theories Marcelino Sanchez CJA/204 12-06-11 Frank Juarez Crime Theories The choice theory has an important role to play when considering the reasons leading to a criminal activity. This theory has its own importance while creating strategies for controlling or reducing crime. For this, it is important to understand the theory and how it affects the possibility of someone taking part in criminal activity and how an attempt to control crime would take place under choice theory. Choice theory has derived from the works of early theorists, Cesare Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham. The Choice Theory obviously affects how society would deter criminal acts. The choice theory of criminology is also known as the classical theory. The fundamental concepts of this theory are that people select all behavior, including criminal behavior. People's choices can be controlled by many factors such as the fear of punishment or the benefits which are attained by doing the crime or an illegal activity. So it implies that the more severe, certain, and swift the punishment, the greater is the possibility to control criminal behavior. The choice theory in relation to criminology, states about punishment, and its effects on criminal behavior. According to choice theory, punishment should have four main objectives. The first and the most important is to prevent all criminal offenses. The second objective is that when it cannot prevent a crime, it should persuade the offender to commit a......

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...Crime Data Comparison Lisa Anderson CJA 314 March 01, 2011 Kurt Fertig Crime Data Comparison Comparing similar crimes, in metropolitan area such as Phoenix and Dallas. The FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) data shows in 2009 Phoenix had 76 reported murders, and Dallas with 86. Dallas with a lower population number of 1,290,266 had higher murder rate, Phoenix with population of 1,597,397 reported in 2009. Reported murder rates dropped in both areas in 2010, Dallas with 73, and Phoenix with a reported 50. “National reports a decrease of 6.2 percent of violent crimes during the first 6 months of 2010” (Preliminary Semiannual UCR, 2010.) According to Phoenix Police Department (2010), Manager/Police Chief Jack Harris said in September that (contributing factors to the decrease in crime are efforts of two addition new precincts). Figures reached a 20-year low; homicides with clearance rates reaching 20 years highs. Efforts focused on repeat offender and greater collaboration between police and community to solve problems in effectively using resources. With a total of eight precincts that residents benefit by receiving improved response time and needs of patrol officers. Technology has played a large part in crime statistics compared to same quarter last year. Murder rates have dropped almost 40% Phoenix police have upgraded computer and equipped police cars with cameras and more effective laptops (Phoenix news May 24, 2010.11:11 p.m. MDT). Arizonans dealing with illegal......

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...educational and occupational means that provide them with opportunities to increase their wealth. Strain theory as it relates to digital crime involves the feeling of people in the lower and middle social classes that they do not have equal opportunities or access to those same educational and occupational opportunities. Instead of pursuing legal means to increase their wealth, some of the people who commit white collar crimes are those from the lower and middle classes who are stressed and strained due to finances and their jobs. (Robert W. Taylor, 2011) According to the strain theory, individuals who commit white collar digital crimes feel a sense of entitlement to financial and occupational success because life hasn’t been fair. They have been divorced, lost a significant other, lost their job, or had some other sort of negative situation in their lives. When an individual feels as though they are a failure, they may be more likely to turn to crime as a means of success. (Robert W. Taylor, 2011) The strain theory is the most relevant theory as to why people may turn to committing digital crimes because at one point or another in our lives everyone has had a feeling of inadequacy or failure in some aspect of our lives. Since it is not an uncommon feeling, the strain theory provides an explanation as to why certain people are more inclined to commit white collar digital crimes. If an individual has been successful and suddenly experiences financial or occupational......

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