There Is No Way of Knowing What God Is Like

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“There is no way of knowing what God is like”

Christians use the idea of the Holy Trinity to help them to understand God. The Holy Trinity presents God in three ways- God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. This helps because it hard to understand on God as having different personalities, I find it easier to understand God’s personality in those religions with more than one God as they all have specific roles and personalities.

Some people might agree with this statement because God has never come and shown himself to everyone on Earth, or because there is no valid source saying so. They also may not believe in God, therefore there is no way of knowing what God is like as the there is no God to know about, some people say that there is no way of knowing what God is like because he is transcendent- this means that he is beyond earthly or worldly knowledge. This is one of the main arguments used to back this statement.

Saying this, there are some people who may disagree. One reason is because of the bible- this tells us a lot about God. You can also find descriptions and information about God in hymns, however these are not as reliable as people with very strong one-sided beliefs write them.
The bible is probably the biggest, most reliable proof of God. It contains stories of God communicating with humans, such as that of Saint Paul and Moses and the burning bush, where Moses has an encountering with a bush that appears to be on fire and talks to him whist he is traveling through the mountains. The bush claims to be God. Another argument they might put forward is how can we know what good is if we do not have a figure like God, therefore God must be this example of divine good. Also, if he sent Jesus to Earth to show us how to behave, then he must be a lot like Jesus. We can see what Jesus is like in the bible.

However, some…...

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