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Study Habits


This chapter presents the data gathered, analysis and interpretation of data. The study focused on the Study Habits of Tourism Students of College of the Holy Spirit. It initially determines the demographic profile of the respondents.

Problem 1: What is the demographic profile of the respondents.

Age Number of Respondents (f) Percentage (%)
16 – 17 7 14%
18 – 19 24 48%
20 – 21 12 24%
22 – 23 5 10%
24 – 25 2 4%
Total 50 100

Table 1
Frequency Distribution of the Tourism Students According to Age
Table 1 shows the frequency distribution of tourism students according to their age. Most of the students belonged to the age bracket of 18-19 years old having the biggest percentage of 48% with 24 respondents. The second biggest percentage belonged to the age bracket 20-21 having 24% with 12 respondents. The least percentage, 4% belonged to the age bracket 24-25 years old with 2 respondents, both irregular students.
Gender Frequency (f) Percentage (%)
Male 0 0
Female 50 100
Total 50 100

Table 2
Frequency Distribution of the Tourism Student According to Gender
Table 2 presents the frequency distribution of the respondents according to gender. Based on the table, there were no male tourism students enrolled at College of the Holy Spirit, meaning all of the respondents were female with a total number of 50, equivalent to 100%.
Year/Level Number of Respondents (f) Percentage (%)
BSTM II 8 16%
BSTM III 26 52%
BSTM IV 16 32%
Total 50 100%

Table 3
Frequency Distribution of the Tourism Students According to Year Level
Table 3 illustrates the frequency distribution of the tourism students according to year level. By looking at it, it shows that most of the respondents came from the 3rd year tourism students with 26 respondents having 52%. The least number of respondents…...

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