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COMM 103 Speech of Introduction

Assignment Description
The purpose of this assignment is to ease you into the realm of public speaking and to familiarize you with communication concepts addressed in class. For this 3 minute speech, you will introduce yourself to the class with a brief story about an experience in which your communication with others affected your self-perception. The experience could be from last week, last year, or several years ago.

To help you explain how the experience on which you’re speaking has affected your self-perception, you will apply one of the concepts addressed in our textbook’s introduction and Chapter 3, specifically the concepts of mindfulness, self-serving bias, image management or face needs. For example, you may have grown up thinking yourself to be unfunny until your friends started telling you that you were funny. Looking at yourself through their eyes (and applying the notion that image management is collaborative), you slowly began to view yourself the class clown that you consider yourself to be today.

Library research is not necessary, because the subject is you and your experience. However, you will be expected to cite from the textbook and organize your presentation using an introduction, body and conclusion. For an idea of how you might organize this speech, see the sample outline on your small section BlackBoard site.

You should practice your presentation so you feel comfortable delivering it and can do so in the time allowed. While this speech is graded, it is worth fewer points than the other presentations and is therefore meant to be as much a learning experience as a graded assignment. Your peer, self, and instructor evaluations will help you identify areas for development for future presentations.

You will work out presentation days in your small section. Regardless of when you speak, however, the…...

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