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Thomas Green Case Assignment Due June 10, 2012

Q1: Playing the role of Shannon McDonald, Thomas Green’s boss’ boss, prepare three sets of notes that you would take into the following meetings:
1) A meeting that you called with Frank Davis. The notes should include concerns you have about Frank’s management of Thomas as well as questions addressed to Davis about Davis’ view of Thomas. You can include an initial statement followed by observations, recommendations, and questions in you meeting notes. Supporting data from the case may be used .
a. I understand your frustration and appreciate the enthusiasm and effort you put in the company.
b. What do you think about Thomas Green?
c. How is he different from the other market specialist?
d. I was hoping that Thomas would bring new perspective and idea to the group.
e. Base on the complexity of the market, how long do you think the project/strategy should take?
f. How did you response to his “negative” response in the Budget Plan meeting? Do you think Thomas can accomplish the goal by himself? What guidance did you give to Thomas? I believe as a leader you can definitely guide Thomas in accomplishing the goal.
g. Instead of you showing him the presentation, you could gather your team members and ask them to simulation a customer meeting/presentation. Let Thomas put himself in customers’ shoes and evaluate the presentation.
h. Coming from a sales background, Thomas builds a strong customer relationship. Along with your experience and knowledge in marketing strategy, I believe with your experience and knowledge that you two can together come up with creative strategy to capture more market share.
2) A meeting you would have with Thomas Green about his performance and his relationship with with Frank Davis along the same lines as Q1. What recommendations would you offer to Thomas?
a. I…...

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