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The goal of this paper is to cover the topics of Tibet’s approach to business and Education. However, due to the occupation of China, Han Chinese language is now being used to conduct education and Business interactions. I will do my best to cover Tibet’s approach to both topics before and after the occupation.
Han Chinese, not Tibetans, most often conduct business in Tibet. The Han argue that it is not in the Tibetan’s traditions or culture to start business enterprises. Most of the Tibetan’s are farmers or herders when the Chinese are used to doing business.
Business etiquette in Tibet is similar to that in China, as the Chinese do most of the business in Tibet. Working hours are between nine o’clock in the morning and six o’clock in the evening with a one hour mid-day break. In regards to business meetings; appointments should be made in advance and punctuality is expected. Suits should be worn for business, and business cards should be printed with the Chinese translation on the back and should be presented with both hands. Once cards are exchanged, it would be rude for you not to examine it. Putting it in your back pocket is considered extremely disrespectful. Business meals can last for several hours and international visitors may be expected to drink to a number of toasts. It is also an advantage to have a tolerance for tobacco smoke. (“Tibet Business Etiquette”)
The main exports in Tibet are; Livestock, traditional medicine, borax and other minerals, lumber and carpets. China also rents Tibetan land out to other countries so that they can mine within Tibet. These countries include; Mongolia, Belgium, and Canada. As a result of Chinas occupation in Tibet, Tibetans have a hard time using their own resources for their benefit. In addition, the mining is resulting in negative effects on the environment.
Those opposed to the occupation claim that…...

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