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Reading Response: The Miracle Quilt
By: Kelly Cleary

This story was about a quilt that a woman bought at a city- wide garage sale. It was a sweet story about the old days when her grandmother showed Janine how to sew. I was thinking this story was too descriptive. It went on and on about the details of making a quilt and the details on the three pound miracle this woman had found. I personally did not like that part much. This sort of thing doesn’t interest me. It reminds me of a time when I saw my friend crochet and thought I should try it. I found out the hard way, that crochet is very difficult, and tedious. It just wasn’t my sort of hobby. I didn’t completely hate the story because it was very nice that the woman took such an interest in this quilt and who made it. I also liked when the grandmother was telling Janine about the days when the women were stuck in their homes and they started quilting to keep them from going stir crazy. I couldn’t imagine living in a place where there was no television or neighbors for miles. I also liked that there was so much love and work put into these quilts. All the history and stories behind quilts was very interesting. Before this story I never knew how quilts came to be. Personally I don’t like the design. I’m more modern. I think quilts are mostly used by older people. I don’t think that the quilt Janine found was a…...

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