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Timberland Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility

I. Introduction a. Timberland History i. Function 1. Providing gear for hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts. 2. Footwear (outdoor) 3. Casualwear & apparel (outdoor) ii. American Company – Heavily invested in all parts of American society and economy. 4. Boots are Locally Made (NH) 5. – 6. – iii. Global Company – Also a global brand with many sites around the world 7. Department and Rugged athletic shops in Asia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and Middle East. 8. Recognized Brand Globally for outdoor gear b. Thesis iv. Timberlands reach is worldwide and they have taken advantage of their leadership position in becoming one of the most prominent corporations from both financial and social standpoints. Becoming, a local and world leader in the global green initiative, most recently dubbed as the earthkeeper campaign. II. Body I c. History of Corporate Social Responsibility v. Understanding the impact and importance of social responsibility in its beginning 9. Aware of Employees standing and how it can help a. Former CEO and father of Current CEO Jeff Swartz inspiring story and lesson regarding employee welfare. 10. Aware of Community Health and Help b. Jeff Swartz teams up with City Year Boston Young people helping ‘change the world’ foundation. III. Body II d. Present Projects concerning Corporate Social Responsibility (Four Pillars E,P,W,S) vi. Global Welfare 11. Environment c. Energy Carbon neutral by 2010 d. Recycle Designing Recyclable products better for environment and price. vii.…...

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...PRACTICE TEAMING UP TO BRAND AND BOND: Timberland Partners with City Year, SOS, and SkillsUSA is fast becoming an essential business competency. Many companies are coming to find that developing the economic assets and social and human capital of low-income communities pays dividends to the bottom line. In the short and long term, this kind of strategy develops untapped markets, new labor pools, effective suppliers, and new operating sites. Leading businesses find that integrating business and community development creates new pathways to achieve longterm sustainable success—a “win-win” proposition for the business and the community. In this series we profile examples of this integrated approach across a range of industry sectors. Timberland strengthens its brand identity through partnerships that promote social justice and a service ethic worldwide. In 1989, the nonprofit youth service corps City Year asked Timberland to donate 50 pairs of work boots for young adults serving their communities. That request sparked a relationship based on a shared vision of making a difference in the community, and set Timberland on a trajectory of a growing commitment to community service. THE BUSINESS CHALLENGE In the 1980s, Timberland was an entrepreneurial, high-growth company aspiring to grow into a larger-scale enterprise. Accomplishing that transition would require radical reform. Concurrently, but in a separate initiative, Timberland forged a strong partnership with City......

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...1. Timberland stakeholders would include the owners and the employees from their 300 factories worldwide. Then the stakeholders reach out further to the companies suppliers and their business partners. Also included in the stakeholders list is the government and the local communities where the workers volunteer forty hours per year. Most importantly stakeholders include future generations and the customers. I think Timberland is has an advantage when it comes to the stakeholder map of other companies because they were a family owned company for sixty years. The Swartz family will always be a stakeholder of Timberland 2. Timberland is known as protector of the earth. The competitive advantage given to them by their environmental sustainability because they are more deeply committed to Earthkeeping then any other American country. For example the soles of their boots consist of nearly fifty percent recycled materials. Another example of a successful company technique is how the company gives every employee forty paid hours to go out and volunteer in their community. I think this experience is remarkable because many companies couldn’t afford or care enough to do that for the community. The final example of a success in the environment sustainability is how Timberland has factories in thirty eight countries and with different environmental conditions everywhere Timberland assists their manufacturing partners with improving the land, water, and air around their tanneries and......

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...Responsibility (CSR) in a manner that generates significant returns to their businesses. Corporate Social Responsibility is the way companies manage their businesses to produce an overall positive impact on society through economic, environmental and social actions. Introduction Just as the Internet has triggered lasting change in the structures of industry and the ways in which industries can create value, the ubiquitous connectivity in place today has already caused an enduring shift in the relationship between an enterprise and its customers, employees, and partners. That’s because massive amounts of information – and opinions – about companies, their products and practices, are available in every part of the globe, every minute of every day. And because the Internet is now a place where people congregate to discuss and organize social actions, the balance of power between business and society has shifted toward society and away from business. So, with this increased visibility of corporate actions, customers’ perceptions of companies and their consequent purchasing behaviors are fundamentally changing. And because that means significant financial impact for businesses, CSR is no longer viewed as just a regulatory or discretionary cost, but an investment that brings financial returns. Our survey of 250 business leaders worldwide found that businesses are wasting no time in interpreting these implications and acting on them: When companies talk about CSR publicly,......

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...Responsibility (CSR). The field of responsible business practice is one of the most dynamic and challenging subjects corporate leaders face today. It is argued that socially responsible behaviour can pay off in the long run, even where it involves some short-term sacrifice of profit. CSR has been pioneered over the last two decades by the oil, chemical and tobacco industries due to their attempt to win back social respectability by changing their image. In this report, shall discuss how British American Tobacco plc (BAT), as one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world, allows their businesses to manage the economic, social and environmental effect of their operations to maximise the benefits and minimise the problems. The tobacco industry contributes largely to the economies of over 150 countries, and there are more than 100 million people all over the world dependent on them for employment, which is more than 20 times the population of Singapore. Taxes for the tobacco industry are the main foundation of revenue for almost every government in the world. This revenue gathered from the tobacco company is then used by the government of several countries for better infrastructure and other internal as well as external development. In 2012, BAT paid the government for taxes around £32 billion. In a year the companies purchases around 400,000 tons of tobacco, which is about 80% of the farmers and suppliers volume in rising economies. 2.0 The importance of CSR to......

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...At Timberland, Doing Well and Doing Good Are Laced Together Case Summary: The company has had decent revenue history as well as great profits. The company is headquartered in Stratham, New Hampshire, which started out just making shoes and boots and later went into clothes and accessories. Timberland’s social responsibility goes on the “Four Pillars. The pillars consist of energy, products, workplaces, and service. “At Timberland, doing well and doing good are not separate or separable efforts. Every day, everywhere, we compete in the global economy. At the center of our efforts is the premise of service, service to a truth larger than self, a demand more pressing even than this quarter’s earnings. While we are absolutely accountable to our shareholders, we also recognize and accept our responsibility to share our strength-to work, in the context of our for-profit business, for the common good.” (Stakeholders, Ethics, Public Police) Key Marketing Issues • Global marketing– Making sure they keep up with the customers’ needs on a worldwide caliber. . • Retail Competition – Staying ahead of the competition Wolverine World Wide, who manufactures Hush Puppies, Merrell, and other brands of shoes and clothes such as North Face. • Economic Conditions– During the recession, consumers were not purchasing as much, therefore revenues decreased, but revenue on the work boots remained the same. Personal Case Analysis In reading this case, it seems as though...

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...After reading the discussion case Timberland’s Model of Corporate Social Responsibility, I have come to believe that Timberland did balance its economic and social responsibilities through the programs mentioned, Path to Service, GREEN, their grants and donations, and their new sustainability goals. To be economically balanced means to strive to ensure that your business is profitable while still providing value to your stakeholders. The main stakeholders in this situation are not only City Year and their “young people” but also the employees over at Timberland. There are many more stakeholders that are gaining value from this. According to the book, stakeholders are composed of both market and nonmarket stakeholders. The market stakeholders are the employees, the customers, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, stockholders, and creditors. The nonmarket stakeholders are the nongovernmental organizations, communities, governments, general public, media, etc. The market stakeholders in this situation were most definitely benefiting. The employees were benefitting from the cultural experience they were gaining as well as from the fact that while it was a volunteer program, it was also paid. Employee morale was probably boosted as a result of the company-sponsored community service activities. Creditors, suppliers, and the distributors, wholesalers, and retailers were all benefitting because more shoes were being donated, thus more supplies were being ordered, put on......

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...TIMBERLAND’S MODEL OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY TIMBERLAND’S MODEL OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Timberland is a manufacturer of rugged outdoor boots, clothing, and accessories. Founded in1918 in Boston by an immigrant shoemaker named Nathan Swartz, the company has been run for almost a century by three generations of the Swartz family. Today, the company sells its product in department and specialty stores as well as in its own retail outlets in North America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Although the company was taken public in 1987, the Swartz family and its trust and charitable foundations continue to hold about 48 percent of Timberland stock. The company’s mission embodies a strong social responsibility theme “: to equip people to make a difference in their world. We do this by creating outstanding products and by trying to make a differene in the communities where we live and work.” In 1989, Timberland was approached by City Year, an urban service corps, for young people, with a request for a donation of boots. Jeff Swartz, a grandson of the founder and CEO, said yes and agreed to join the corps for half a day of community service. Swartz later described his experience: I found myself, not a mile from our headquarters…face to face with a vision [of] America not unlike the one that drew my grandfather to leave Russia in steerage so many years ago. I spent four hours with the corps members from City Year and some young......

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...have to rise over and above the profitability and take care of all those associated with their survival in the society directly or indirectly. This realization resulted into the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This research paper moves around developing an understanding about the corporate social responsibility (CSR), delving into its concept and finding out its scope taking the case study of the TATA Group under Mr. Ratan Tata who has exemplified the sense of responsibility towards the upliftment of common masses and protection of the environment and development of the nation. Keywords: Corporate citizenship, Corporate social responsibility, Employee, Productivity, Profitability, Society, Stakeholders. I. Introduction 1.1 Literature Review The concept of CSR originated in the 1950‘s in the USA but it became prevalent in early 1970s . At that time US had lots of social problems like poverty, unemployment and pollution. Consequently a huge fall in the prices of Dollar was witnessed. Corporate Social Responsibility became a matter of utmost importance for diverse groups demanding change in the business. During the 1980‘s to 2000, corporations recognized and started accepting a responsibility towards society. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on the wealth creation for the optimal benefit of all stakeholders – including shareholders, employees, customers, environment and society. The term stakeholder, means all those on whom an organization's......

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...for Managers Case Homework The Timberland Company: Challenges and Opportunities The Timberland Company, headquartered in Stratham, New Hampshire, characterizes itself as “a big company made up of a lot of small parts and incredibly talented people. We make boots, shoes, clothes and gear that are comfortable enough to wear all day and rugged enough for all year. We don’t rest on our accomplishments. If we did, we’d only have ever made one waterproof leather boot.”[1] Timberland sells its products around the world through department stores and athletic stores, as well in company-owned and franchised outlets in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.[2] In 2008, Timberland had $1.36 billion in revenue with a profit of $42.91 million.[3] According to the Timberland Web site, “Our place in this world is bigger than the things we put in it. So we volunteer in our communities. Making new products goes hand in hand with making things better. That means reducing our carbon footprint and being as environmentally responsible as we can.”[4] Timberland’s commitment to going beyond market success and corporate profitability is evident in the four pillars of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. These pillars are as follows: become carbon neutral by 2010; design recyclable products; have fair, safe, and nondiscriminatory workplaces; and focus employee service on community greening.[5] Timberland is committed to using “the......

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...IMPORTANCE OF CSR Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not going to solve the world’s problems. That said, CSR is a way for companies to benefit themselves while also benefiting society. When I define CSR to the uninitiated, I typically get three reactions. Some say, “Isn’t that a bunch of greenwashing?” Others use a non-so-nice word to describe male bovine excrement instead of greenwashing.  Still others say my definition sounds like an inspiring call to action to soothe the ills of capitalism. Then there are those who say CSR is like a begrudging call to Woodstock to sing Kumbaya – something only “hippies” could dream up. So what’s a CSR professional supposed to do when faced with such a varied response? Typically, I step on top of my soapbox to declare the six business reasons why companies should embrace corporate social responsibility. Companies that “get it” are the ones that are using CSR (or sustainability as I prefer to call it) as a way to push the following business processes into the organization: 1. Innovation – I know, I know, it’s an over-used term. Just typing the word into Amazon will bring up nearly 150,000 items. But in the context of CSR, innovation is a huge benefit to a company and society. For example, I recently watched a video of a brief talk by Geoff McDonald who is the Unilever Global VP for HR, Marketing, Communications and Sustainability. Using the “lens of sustainability” as McDonald described it, Unilever was able to innovate new......

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...For an organization to have corporate power, the business needs to have the power to influence the society, economy, and the government. In this case, Timberland is able to influence the government, economy, and society by practicing in social responsibility despite the fact that it is not the largest firm. As a result of the Timberland Company exercising in social responsibility, they are attentive to stakeholders that affected by its business operations, the community, and the natural environment. I agree that Timberland has achieved a balance of its economic and social responsibilities. In this case, Swartz expressed, “At Timberland, doing well and doing good are not separate or separable efforts.” While its social programs come with a price tag, it seems that the goodwill and social reputation that is enjoyed by Timberland results into the economic benefits for the company. One of the arguments that can be in favor of Timberland’s social responsibility initiatives is that they were able to balance their power with its responsibility. Furthermore, they were able to improve stakeholder relationship which results to enhancing their company’s reputation. One of the arguments that can be against the Timberland Company exercising some of these social responsibility initiatives is that these initiatives are good for the society but it lowers their economic efficiency and profitability. If I was an......

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...TIMBERLAND THE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE MNE TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT 3 INTRODUCTION 3 1 A THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK ON CSR 4 1.1 Changing perceptions, CSR as a must 4 1.2 Stakeholders’ Theory and Social Contract 5 1.3 Carroll Theory 6 1.4 Positive and negative light of CSR 6 1.5 How to implement Corporate Social Responsibility in a MNE ....................................7 2 TIMBERLAND AND CSR 7 2.1 Brief history of Timberland 8 2.2 The path towards CSR at Timberland: “Commerce and Justice” 8 2.3 CSR at Timberland today: the 4 Pillars 9 2.4 Timberland CSR practices: two cases in evidence 10 Case 1: Timberland entering India 10 Case 2: Timberland in China and Vietnam 11 3 TIMBERLAND’S INTERNATIONALIZATION STRATEGY 11 3.1 Timberland’s internationalization process: an overview 11 3.2 Historical context fostering or hampering Timberland’s internationalization 13 3.3 An internationalization theory applied: The Uppsala model 14 4 ROLE OF CSR IN TIMBERLAND’S INTERNATIONALIZATION STRATEGY 15 4.1 Boosting company efficiency by educating workforce 16 4.2 Improving local performances by assessing Code of Conduct compliance 16 4.3 Strengthening international relationships by supporting local development 17 4.4 Spreading global image by involving communities 17 4.5 Financing international expansion by boosting shareholders’ endorsement 18 5 TIMBERLAND VS. COMPETITORS: CSR NURTURING COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE 19 5.1 OLI theory: an application of Timberland’s...

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...Timberland Jason Patterson Responsible Corporate Leadership Professor David Shirley October 23, 2011 Timberland: Commerce and Justice Case Study Analysis Overview The Timberland case study documents the company’s path towards incorporating service to community into their business strategy and overall infrastructure. Under the leadership and vision of Jeff Schwartz, Timberland began this undertaking almost immediately after the company went public in 1987. Using “doing well and doing good” as a mantra for their dual commitment to the enrichment of business and community, Timberland forged relationships with regional based organizations like City Year and Skills USA. With these organizations, Timberland formed strategic and interdependent alliances that were mutually beneficial to the continuing growth of Timberland’s business and service operations and the organizations they served (X). Building on the positive momentum Timberland gained through the fore mentioned relationships, Timberland went on to develop their own company based community service initiative called Path to Service. Through PTS, Timberland afforded company employees allotted leave hours that could be used to serve surrounding communities, whether they were company sponsored events or personal service commitments. In 1998, Timberland introduced the program Serv-A-Palooza (the largest day of service) as their cornerstone service initiative, making a commitment to surpass previous service hour......

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...handshake between—businesses, civil society and governments. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be defined as the "economic, legal, ethical, and discretionary expectations that society has of organizations at a given point in time". The concept of corporate social responsibility means that organizations have moral, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities in addition to their responsibilities to earn a fair return for investors and comply with the law. CSR requires organizations to adopt a broader view of its responsibilities that includes not only stockholders, but many other constituencies as well, including employees, suppliers, customers, the local community, state, and federal governments, environmental groups, and other special interest groups. Today, in this competitive business environment, CSR is viewed as the key to not only overcoming competition but to ensuring sustainable growth. but CSR is much more than that. It encompasses the need for the development of society with emphasis on infrastructure, education, equity and sustainability They also must understand the business as a whole and build influential relationships with customers and stakeholders Engaging in volunteer initiatives helps Timberland employees develop skills they can apply in the workplace, while contributing to a good cause and making a difference in the communities they operate i Timberland, who has long been famous for its superior quality in footwear, apparel, and......

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...rP os t 9-306-064 REV: FEBRUARY 12, 2008 ROSABETH MOSS KANTER RYAN L. RAFFAELLI op yo Innovation at Timberland: Thinking Outside the Shoe Box In December 2005, CEO Jeff Swartz and COO Ken Pucker headed for a meeting in Timberland’s Stratham, New Hampshire, world headquarters, to celebrate achievements and ensure that plans were in place for several important product launches in the spring. The approach of a new year gave them a chance to reflect on progress made and consider opportunities ahead. tC Jeff and Ken walked past the festive, holiday-decorated company store, with its promotion of ornaments to support Share Our Strength, a hunger relief organization. At the entrance of the company’s cafeteria, they stopped at a display featuring a campaign to stop the genocide in Darfur and an adjacent wall of customized Timberland boots designed by City Year to celebrate sixteen years of partnership in the community. Since 1989, Timberland had served as National Leadership Sponsor to the national youth service corps. All of these reflected the values that constituted Timberland’s soul. Now soles (the in-shoe variety) were on the leaders’ minds. No Over the past 3-4 years, Timberland had booted up a formal system to produce greater innovation—in some ways, a return to the past. The company’s early growth had come from bootstrapping significant inventions in footwear, including one of the world’s first waterproof boots. More recently,......

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