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“Escaping Current Time, and Exploring Ancient Time Periods”
Miranda Kirkley
World Culture and the Arts (HUM 205)
January 19, 2013
James Slama

Ancient History. (2013). The History Channel website. Retrieved 12:51, January 21, 2013, from http://www.history.com/topics/ancient-history
We’ve been in the business of reinventing storytelling since 1984. We took history out of the history books, and we brought biography to life. For our viewers, we’ve invented new genres, told untold stories and broken barriers. For our partners, we’ve offered new networks, new audiences, and new ways for brands to talk to customers.
Benton, J. R., & DiYanni, R. (2008 2005 1998). Arts and Culture (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
Offering an exploration of Western and World civilization's cultural heritage, this book is richly illustrated, beautifully designed and engaging. Readers move chronologically through major periods and styles–from prehistoric culture to 20th Century America–to gain insight into the achievements and ideas in painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, philosophy, religion, and music.
Sakoulas, T. (2003-2012). Ancient Greece. Retrieved from http://www.ancient-greece.org/history/classical.html
Associate Professor of Art at the State University of New York, College at Oneonta where he teaches Sculpture and Computer Art. He studied sculpture in the USA at Florida International University, and did his graduate work at the Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore, Maryland. His artwork is made with stone, steel, or digital media, and he travels extensively to Greece where he studies Greek art and culture in archaeological sites and museums.

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to travel in time through many different time periods? In my book “Escaping Current Time, and Exploring Ancient Time Periods”…...

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...Time Travel Jessica Xaypangna Mrs. Pecina Bernal NSC 1 November 28, 2012 Jessica Xaypangna Mrs. Pecina Bernal NSC 1 San Joaquin Valley College November 28, 2012 Time travel is the concept of moving between different points in time in a manner similarly to moving between different points in space. Once thought of as science fiction is now theoretically possible. Reading books, depicted in so many movies, lingering in many minds, can time travel really exist? Whether walking through a portal or spaceship speeding faster than the speed of light, if time traveling is indeed possible it will be considered physics, at a higher level and intelligence at which humans would not be capable of fully understanding for at least a few hundred years. Albert Einstein, Michio Kaku, and many other scientists and physicist alike believed in the expanding of the universe as one that curves on itself in three-dimensions. Through the bending of the universe, it is thought to be some loop holes or shortcuts allowing one to cut or travel through time. Black holes or wormholes are considered to have the power or the ability to do this. Speed has an important role in the rate at which and how we experience time. Time passes more slowly the closer you approach the cosmic speed limit which we call the speed of light. For example, the hands of a clock in a speeding train move more slowly than those of a stationary clock. A human passenger wouldn't feel the difference, but at the......

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...Time Travel Art Historian Time Travel Art Historian * CHAPTER 1 EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION * CHAPTER 2 EARLY 20TH CENTURY * CHAPTER 3 LATE 20TH CENTURY * CHAPTER 1 EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION * CHAPTER 2 EARLY 20TH CENTURY * CHAPTER 3 LATE 20TH CENTURY By: Tianna Young Hum/205 February 07th 2016 By: Tianna Young Hum/205 February 07th 2016 The first stop on our excursion will be a fun one amid the Egyptian Fourth Dynasty, basically the period when the Great Pyramid was worked for the pharaoh Cheops (KEE-pos) around 2530 B.C.E., (Benton and DiYanni, 2008). Egypt is occupied and truly moving as of right now as this is the time period where they are building The Great Pyramid for their pharaoh and supreme ruler Cheops. Cheops is the second pharaoh of the fourth line of Egypt and ruled a unified nation alongside his relatives and chairmen. He is additionally the pharaoh the appointed the working of The Great Pyramid, which is one of the seven marvels of the world. Cheops was exceptionally occupied as pharaoh, battling effort in the Sinai, starting building ventures in Memphis, alongside The Great Pyramid. His rule is point by point on the Westcar papyrus, (Bunson, M. 2002). Existence in the wake of death is a major ordeal to the Egyptians and The Great Pyramid will be the tomb from which Cheops ka or soul will climb to the sky and join Re the sun god why should accepted be the father, (Rosalie, D. 2003). To the......

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