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"The Biggest Brands and Best People" - this is the philosophy driving Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. A part of the Aditya Birla Group, it has in the past decade made a significant shift to establish itself as a premier fashion and lifestyle company.
Today, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle is one of the fastest-growing branded apparel companies in India. Each of its brands is an undisputed leader in its segment. The company is considered a benchmark by competition and a Mecca of learning by industry.
Madura Fashion & Lifestyle has pioneered various concepts new to the Indian apparel industry. It has effectively managed a multi-brand, multi-product, and multi-channel environment, and all its brands have evolved significantly in terms of both branding and retailing.
The company’s biggest strength lies in its people. In the words of Mr Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group: “For sustainable success, their (people’s) performance orientation and customer focus is imperative. In my view, organisations grow only where people grow.”
A rigorous selection process enables Madura Fashion & Lifestyle to hire the best people available. The Management Trainee scheme helps employees sharpen their latent skills by taking them through a systematic process of learning and development, thus enabling them to deliver their best. A career at Madura Fashion & Lifestyle is a logical sequence of personal and professional development, leading employees to achieve their career goals.

Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd, is one of India's fastest growing branded apparel companies and a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector. After consolidating its market leadership with its own brands, it introduced premier international labels, enabling Indian consumers to buy the most prestigious global fashionwear and…...

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...Titan Watches – Consumer Motivation Background Titan Industries is the fifth largest integrated watch manufacturer in the world and has 60% of the organized watch market share in India. Titan started its operations in 1986. When it was launched, it was the third watch company in India after HMT and Allwyn. Titan formed a joint venture ith Timex, which lasted until 1998, and set up a strong distribution network across India. Titan watches are sold in India through exclusive Titan showrooms called “The World of Titan” and through various franchisees and through retail stores. The company brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market, offering quartz technology with international styling, manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory at Hosur in Tamil Nadu. Leveraging its understanding of different segments in the watch market, the company launched a second independent watch brand, Sonata as a value brand to those seeking to buy functionally styled watches at affordable prices. In addition, it focussed on the youth segment with its third brand-Fasttrack. It has also launched premium fashion watches by acquiring a license for marketing global brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, besides having in its portfolio its first Swiss made watch brand-Xylys. The Vision The vision of Titan watches is: “To be innovative, world class, contemporary and build India’s most desirable brands”. In line with this vision, the company focussed on brand marketing rather......

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