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Ming Chen
Dr. Cat Gleason
October 3rd .2013 Journal Response #3: Topdog/Underdog
“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power"(Abraham Lincoln). Different people hold different attitude bout power, some people may think power will bring people harm; some people may prefer power because it represents a man’s character. However, The real question comes out the whole play, Topdog/Underdog, is who is the top dog? Who is the under dog? As far as I am concerned, they are both topdogs.

Lincoln is the topdog. For example,the author of the play states in the beginning pages of the play writes out the answer of this question: Lincoln, the older brother, is the "top dog" ; Booth, the younger brother, is "the under dog." Thus, whether reading the play or not, the result has already made completely sense. The older brother is always on top, the younger brother is always in the shadow. Moreover, in the entire play, Lincoln always dresses up nice: an antique frock coat and a top hat. He looks like Abraham Lincoln, who was a powerful man. In addition, he is a former street corner hustler, he plays three cards so well that his unemployed brother Booth wishes he has the same three-card monte abilities. he and his team sometimes can make thousands dollars in a week. Lincoln is also successful at his loving life at the early stage of his adulthood. He got married with Cookie, though she divorced with him later, when he is not able to earn some big money. Furthermore, Lincoln lets Booth win a few times on purpose when Booth plays cards with him, when it comes to real money, Booth lose. Also, now he has a stable job, which makes his living as a Lincoln impersonator at a nearby arcade, which he is proud of himself.

On the other hand, Booth is the topdog. Booth has everything under control: using his older brother’s…...

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