Total Recall

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Running head: Total Recall the firestone company recall of tires

Total Recall
The Firestone Company’s Recall of Tires

Seth Jackson

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This paper discusses the recall of Firestone Tires in the United States .and the relative complicity of Firestone, Ford Motor Company and its consumers. Because of Firestone’s knowledge of the tire defects and lack of action, fatal and critical accidents resulted from tires used on the Ford Explorer. Firestone chose, instead, to blame Ford and its consumers for the tires defects.
In 1906, Henry Ford purchased 8,000 tires from Harvey Firestone, who began producing tires at a small factory in Akron, Ohio in 1900. The sale initiated a long, growing relationship between two eventual leaders in their respective industries. In a matter of just a few short months in 2000, a very robust business-to-business relationship, 100 years in the making, had been destroyed by a lack of communication, poor quality management, and the disregard of consumer concern were the rules surrounding ethics used in the ethical decision made from Ford or Firestone? How did the recall affect how everyone viewed and interpreted the entire tire manufactures? These are just a few of the questions we will discuss throughout this paper. Webster Online defines ethics as the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and what really stands out is the idea how one company talks about it being the other company sole responsibility.
Was Ford recommending a tire application that was unsafe for consumers, and their families? Was tread separation a common problem for all tire manufacturers, or could it just have been Firestones tires that had the problem? Did the government fulfill their responsibility to protect the consumer? (McNamara). During the 1970s, the…...

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