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Introduction “Hudson Smith Gordon (“Hudson”) is a regionally based investment bank (middle market firm). As a middle market firm, Hudson is oriented toward financial analysis and program trading. Hudson is considered the leading expert on wireless carriers. This reputation translates into wireless communication companies wanting Hudson to do research on them (Yemen, Clawson, & Bigelow, 2007).”
“Mr. Chip Mazey, a ten year employee of Hudson was previously advanced to Vice President. Mr. Mazey is in charge of leading a multibillion dollar deal. Four associates were assigned to work with him on this project; Jeremy Frazer, Jean Fenster, Rich Patten, and Payton Edwards. These associates confided in each other on what it is like working for Mr. Mazey. They all found themselves in a difficult situation being assigned to this project because of Mr. Mazey’s management style; which was considered to be a kiss up, kick down status. Mr. Mazey’s lack of people skills was known by everyone in the firm; and top management knew about it by way of information they received through their (360 degree review system). Unfortunately, when Mr. Mazey became Vice President his arrogance and overconfident nature increased; causing his peers, and his direct reports to work under constant stress. Mr. Mazey is a controlling person, but he made a lot of money for the firm and that made him a person of great power” (Yemen et al., 2007).
Mr. Mazey’s old-sweat-shop (do what I say, not what I do) style of managing has always created a lot of tension within the workplace. Nonetheless, he is very meek and respectful when conversing with top management, but when addressing his peers and direct-reports he is very obnoxious; he nitpicks their work, he makes derogatory and demeaning remarks, he screams, does not let employees speak, throws things against the wall, make…...

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