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Toulmin Worksheet * Claim: A national Identity card could be an effective tool to promote safety and save us time and money. * Qualifier: * “From a civil liberties perspective, I prefer a system that takes a little bit of freedom from all to one that takes a great deal of freedom and dignity from the few -- especially since those few are usually from a racially or ethnically” disfavored group * At many bridges and tunnels across the country, drivers avoid long delays at the toll booths with an unobtrusive device that fits on a car's dashboard. * First, we already require photo ID's for many activities * But President Bush has proposed giving legal status to many of the illegal immigrants now in this country. * A national ID card would not prevent all threats of terrorism, but it would make it more difficult for potential terrorists to hide in open view, as many of the Sept. 11 hijackers apparently managed to do. * Exception: * Freedom and dignity has been taken away from The few disfavored group, not the majority of the disfavored group. * Few people do not have toll road passes * Not all activities require ID’s * Not all illegal immigrants are not given legal status * Not all 9/11 terrorists hid in open view.
Reason 1: It would reduce the likelihood that someone could, intentionally or not, get lost in the cracks of multiple bureaucracies. * What makes this reason relevant?
It’s relevant since many people try to forge or recreate a passport or fake ID to get into a different bureaucracy. It is a real life problem. * What makes this reason effective? It is effective since It is a real life situation that occurs often. * What evidence supports this reason? It provides vague evidence such as how a majority of Americans carry ID’s in wallets and pocketbooks, and how these ID’s are issued by state…...

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