Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media

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Tracking the Intersection of Culture and Media – by Drake Johnson

Music is a very popular form of media that is used on a very large scale and surrounds us consistently in our daily lives. It is such a popular form of media and will more than likely be around for a very long time. Music is used for many things such as television programs, movies, radio, events, and even played in elevators and offices. It provokes and manipulates feelings and moods in such a way that any living human can be affected by it. In films, music scores particular scenes to match the visual and make the viewer feel the mood of the scene. This same thing is done with movie trailers, commercials, sports presentations, and so many other forms of entertainment and information. With all of this, the music industry has become a huge trillion dollar business because of its popularity around the world. Without music other forms of entertainment would be lacking and probably less entertaining. Musicians and other individuals closely involved with the music realm, who otherwise might not have work, are given work opportunities and some are even able to accumulate wealth from the business of music. Music moves everyone from all over the world and any walk of life. It is much more than just entertainment; it is a way of life, social commentary, and even therapy for those who are stressed, unhappy, upset, or worried. In my opinion music is one the most important forms of popular culture and media that will continue maintain its overwhelming…...

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