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All the employees of MARUTI SUZUKI LTD. (irrespective of their department) are given training, covering the following contents:-

1. Team building
2. Business Communication
3. Corporate and business etiquettes
4. Interview
5. 7 QC tools (Quality tools in management)
6. World class
7. Statistics process control
8. Logistic process control
9. Risk management
10. Information security awareness
11. Internal customer centric approach
12. Leadership
13. Finance for non-finance people
14. Yoga
Training programmes are conducted according to the needs of different departments and this is just a small list of areas covered under training.

How do you do it in Maruti?
It is not a single factor theory. It is a kind of policy perspective on which a whole lot of initiatives have come into play. One most important thing we do when we do on campus recruit is to make sure we offer a relationship. This is a relationship that is built on confidence and a way that signifies that we care.
In our case, the induction phase is the most critical. We do several things to make them feel special. We even pick them up from railway stations or airports, from wherever they are coming in. There will be very senior people to receive them at these places. That is the first touch.
Secondly, most people find it difficult to find a place to stay. They will be put up in a hostel for a year supported by the company. They should have all the facilities, including food, Internet, phone, doctor, and gymnasium and should be close to the factory. Even the security will be managed by us, and not the owner.
Third, the Managing Director of the company throws a welcome dinner party for the new recruits. While it gives them an opportunity to interact with the MD, it also acts as a tremendous confidence booster for young people. The other important…...

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