Training Is the Answer...but What Is the Question

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Training is the Answer…But What Was the Question
The author’s main objective of this article is to ask the question of whether training really works or not. Mr. Rosner looks at how managers were being trained in order to develop the employees that they managed. This article also speaks about the mindset of personnel that attend training. Rosner states, in the words of Bob Pike, president of Minneapolis-based Creative Training Techniques, “Most people come to training with one of four mindsets: as a learner, a networker, a vacationer or a prisoner” (Rosner, 2009). These mindsets that people possess can make the training better or worse for the people attending it. If they come in with a learning mindset then they tend to more focused on what they are about to learn. They are more involved in the training and understand what they are there for. The networker mindset person is there for learning but they want to network with other people within the class. They are looking to make connections in order to have more connections for a later date, maybe for a better job or for something they may need in their current company. The vacationer mindset person is there to get away from everything not to learn. They want to get away from the office and enjoy their time away. The prisoner feels as if they were forced to be there and they come in mostly with a closed mind about the training they are attending.
Rosner also speaks about some problems that people have within their organizations and how some of these problems are misdiagnosed because the proper people are not in the proper positions with the proper training. Rosner quotes from Valerie Oberfie, a former vice president at Disney University that has done business consulting and training for corporations. She says that to avoid misdiagnosing a problem businesses should do their homework (Rosner, 2009).…...

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