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Technology Trend Proposal II: Telemedicine
Tiffany Campbell
May 23, 2016

Technology Trend Proposal II: Telemedicine
Across the globe, the methodology of considerable scale technology in the health care field has begun. As fast as satellite communication can transmit, the terms telehealth and telemedicine are being distributed across the world. The bandwidth of telemedicine has been hard pressed in the connecting of people as we treat illness and promote health care. Telemedicine in itself is innovative as it continues to grow there are precautions and risks that will arise. In this paper, the privacy risks of telemedicine, security safeguards that could be put into place to reduce or eliminate those risk, along with strategies for evaluating the effectiveness of telemedicine.
Privacy Risks and Security Safeguards
As progression in novelty began to be more prominent, the matter in which health care operates begin to change. Health information exchanges (HIEs) allow a patient’s information to effortlessly be shared. With providers being allowed to bring their own devices, health care workers are permitted to get, record or offer information from anyplace at any time. Providers now have the ability to treat patients from a distance, sometimes from the comforts of their own home. However, despite the obvious progressive improvements, concerns arise. As a health care organization, grows securing protected health information (PHI) and following the rules and laws within the Health insurance portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) become more difficult. Not every device employed during a patients visit will be properly secure. The providers may device may be secure, but we have to take in consideration that the patients electronic devices may not be. Patient misidentification unfortunately does happen, and often times enough patient…...

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