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Technology is constantly changing. Upgrades and improvements are made on a daily basis to programs that we all utilize. In some cases, older family owned business may not be up as “up to date” with technology, as newer companies. My prime example will be Facebook. Facebook is and has been a growing trend for a few years now. One of the most common forms of communication, other than via text message, is Facebook. Some businesses are taking full advantage of this wonderful resource. Facebook is a great way of communication with literally, everyone! By logging onto Facebook you can create a business page and advertise your business, sales, products, pictures, prices, information, and so much more... for free! Anyone who has a Facebook will have access to this business page and can see every detail you choose to list. I personally believe this is a great way to advertise and communicate with past, present, and future customers. There are also programs being created for communication within the office. Cloud 9 is a great example, we use this program in our office. It is a great way to communicate and keep track of what is going on. I think that more business should use resources of this type, to reach out and grow their clientele. Some owners choose to stick to “what they know” and not venture out into this incredible technology simply because it is not familiar. Not seeing they are only hurting themselves, they are closing windows of opportunity by shutting out this technological thriving…...

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You are Mr. John Wheels, owner of Cranky’s Mountainbikes, a bicycle shop located in Canmore, Alberta, a trendy mountain resort. Your store sells lightweight mountain bicycles to cycling enthusiasts and rents bikes to tourists who enjoy visiting Alberta’s Rocky Mountains during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Prices for these lightweight, aluminum-framed bicycles typically range between $1,000 and $3,000. 

You would like to introduce a line of less expensive alloy-composite bicycles called Ecobikes in your store to compete with local retail giants in Calgary, a large, neighbouring city. Low prices for the metal-framed mountain bikes these stores sell have undercut your store’s profits over several years.
Prices for a new line of low-cost alloy-composite bicycles manufactured and assembled in Canada range from $400 to $700, far less than all-aluminum bikes.

Writing Task
 1. Address an e-mail to Ms. Leigh Saddle, Sales Representative for Ecobikes, a bicycle-manufacturing company located in Mississauga, Ontario:
 2. Add an appropriate subject line.
 3. Establish a friendly tone in the salutation.
 4. Write a three-paragraph e-mail.
 5. Outline the theme of your e-mail in a topic sentence. This topic must relate directly to your subject line. Support this sentence with several related sentences. Be advised that one sentence does not constitute a paragraph.
 6. Request information from Ms. Saddle about one of the following topics:
 1. a...

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