Trial of Charles Manson

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Charles Manson
The trial of John Mason began in mid-June 1970. It was presided over by Judge Charles Older. The trial took place in the Hall of Justice in Los Angeles at the eighth floor. The judge appointed 2 jurors who would help in the case. Charles insisted on defending himself though he was assisted by a lawyer by the name Irving Kanarek. He was known for his frustration on witnesses and judges. The other lawyer who defended Charles was Ronald Hughes who was referred to as the hippie lawyer and was Leslie Van Houten’s lawyer.
Kanarek may have found some kind of record for arguments in the Manson trial. He objected a total ofnine times in the prosecution's opening remarks. By the third day of trial, he had authorized more than 200 objections when the media ceased keeping track of them. Regularly, Kanarek's objections were created in "shotgun" type, such as many recommended reasons that were completely inapplicable: "Leading and suggestive; no foundation; summary and rumour." Other periods his arguments were designed to impact the judge. For instance, he objected to Linda Kasabian's testimony by announcing, "Object, Your Respect, on the reasons this observe is not qualified because she is insane!" Kanarek also flooded the judge with activities, many of them novel to say the least, such as a movement to have "Mr. Manson covered up from evidence" as the item of an unlawful look for. Kanarek brought up eye-brows for asking unusual concerns, such as when he requested Kasabian (during his seven-day cross-examination after Kasabian's immediate declaration in which she exposed she had taken LSD about 50 times), Atkins was the first to give a testimony. She had been assured of a reduced sentence for giving her testimony as she was the first one to be arrested. However this offer was revoked after Atkins replenished her royalty to Manson.Individuals who realized them but…...

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