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Goal: Students will use the trigonometric ratios (Sine, Cosine, and Tangent) to measure the real life height of various objects.

How: Students will work with one partner, however they both will have to turn in individual projects. Step One Create a clinometer, by following these steps. ▪ Cut out the photocopied protractor. ▪ Glue it to your piece of cardboard. ▪ Cut out the cardboard so that it is the shape of your protractor ▪ Cut a 4-inch piece of string, tape it to the middle of the protractor by your mark. It is important that you tape your string before you tape your straw. ▪ Tape your straw to the top flat end of your protractor. ▪ At the end of the string, tape a couple pennies to it. Your clinometer should look like this: [pic] Step Two Measure the height of the wall using sine, cosine, tangent, and your clinometer. ▪ In order to measure the height of the wall, complete the Clinometer worksheet that is attached to this project sheet. ▪ After you measure the height of the wall, you will measure one more object at school, and one more at home for homework.

Step Three Draw a story/cartoon that shows how you used trigonometry to solve the problem that you did at home. ▪ Create a unique, interesting story. • Example: o You had to figure out how tall your house was so that you could see if you could jump over it. • Draw pictures. Make this colorful and creative. Have fun with it!…...

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