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Case Study TruEarth
Michele McKimmy

Marylhurst University
July 5, 2012
Professor S

In the fight for competitive market share it is important for a company to bring new product to the market. TruEarth Healthy Foods, a maker of 100% whole grained gourmet Italian meals achieving great success with Cucina Fresco pasta, observed a decline in market share due to competitors offering like products. The company looking for new venues looked into launching a new fresh made pizza line in order to be competitive with its leading competitor as well as subsequent companies with a lower grade product such as Kraft and Nestle. TruEarh took great care in their research and development of the new product leading to analyzing the value and success of launching the pizza product line.

Case Study TruEarth
Case Questions: Keep in mind... what is the market need? How was the market segmented and what trends influenced the segmentation?

1. Why was Cucina Fresca pasta successful? How would you compare the pizza opportunity to that for pasta? How would you compare the actual product development process for each?

2. Using the forecast model for pasta shown in Exhibit #5, what is your forecast of the demand for pizza?
Hints: the necessary data is contained in Table B and Exhibit 7. There is a significant difference in the "likeliness to buy" results for past TruEarth customers and non-customers. Actual penetration of the Cucina Fresca parent brand may range from 5% to 15% so sensitivity analysis will be useful. The template for determining demand levels based on case details and to assist your sensitivity (demand) forecast analysis is listed under Week 3 icon.

3. What can the TruEarth team learn from Exhibit 6 about how customers view pizza?
4. How do the pizza concept test results (Exhibits 7 & 8) compare with the findings for pasta? (Exhibits 3…...

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