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The chivalry thesis has attempted to explain why gender differences occur in crime, but to what extent, is the question that will be answered within this essay. This will be done by also assessing the value of other theories and arguments in order to see how useful the chivalry thesis is in understanding gender differences. The chivalry thesis suggests that more sexism on the part of the criminal justice system, such as the male-dominated police and courts, means that women are treated more leniently than men.
There is much evidence for the chivalry thesis, for example according to the Home Office, women are consistently treated less severely by the law, with first offenders about half as likely to be given a sentence of immediate imprisonment than males are. In addition, female offenders are generally regarded by the police as a less serious threat than men, and are therefore more likely to benefit from more informal approaches to their offences, particularly for minor offences, such as cautions or warnings rather than being charged. In addition, women do receive more cautions than men, but this is partly because they commit relatively more minor offences like shoplifting, and they are more likely than men to admit their offences, which is necessary before the police can issue a caution. As a result, the criminal justice system will appreciate their honesty and let them off with lighter punishments. Hence, showing how the chivalry thesis can be useful in explaining gender differences in crime.
Furthermore, women offenders are more likely to be remanded in custody than men awaiting trial for serious offences, but in three quarters of cases, women do not actually receive a prison sentence when they come to trial. Hence, showing even though they’re more likely to be remanded in custody, when it comes to trial, they are much more likely to be let off leniently.…...

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