Two Nations

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"Two Nations"

Two nations divided
By a common language
And about two hundred years of new songs and dances
But the difference is language
Or just the bits you got wrong
'Cause we were the ones who invented the language

Sorry, oi, that's just my idea of a joke
But you guys are different to us across the pond folk
And I keep having to say that I'm only joking
In New York when I have to buy fags on the road, oi
Biggy man, god bless America and that
But you lot keep killing all your best talent
We build up our stars and then papers sweep on them
And you build on stars and maniacs shoot them
I don't know much about nines and Mac's
But we still got 22's we're inclined to pack
And I much prefer the profit margin nowadays
And crystal meth, it's all hype with crack
It was no shock to me when we flew to the door
At the Nas gig where the mans were shooting in a war
Since it got reported in the latest news story
That London is now more dangerous than New York

Two nations divided
By a common language
And about two hundred years of new songs and dances
But the difference is language
Or just the bits you got wrong
'Cause we were the ones who invented the language, oi

Understated is how we prefer to be
That's why I've sold three millions and you've never heard of me
The paparazzi shoot me the the girls all loose on me
But don't shoot idols, we fight football rivalry
The work wac means to cum back home
And I wrote the ten wac commandments on my own
I was in front of the bloke shooting at the Nas show
But they weren't shooting at him it was honor that night though
We don't shoot idols happily shoot instead
Up my road the police just shot a youth dead
'Cause they guessed he might of been a bit of a terrorist
Does this bomb look big in this bag then but we love Biggy, Johnny Cash and Stevie Wonder
It's no Biggy we got no cash and its no…...

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