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As part of the course requirements in MODCOS1, you are expected to submit a written group report of any company/business of your choice regarding any product or service that entity is offering. You are to provide a detailed product or service cost analysis for the company/business of your choice. Since MODCOS1 tackles about job order costing system, make sure that the company you choose is using a job order costing system. Please ensure that the business is registered with the respective government offices. You are to provide a picture/photocopy of the certificate that the business/company is indeed registered (part of attachments section).

Project Title: Cost Analysis of (Product/Service): A Case of (Name of Company or Business)

General Instructions:

1. Students will group themselves into a 5-person group (maximum). 2. The group will select a company or business of their choice and do the following:

a. research the industry where the company/business belongs to b. interview a resource personnel from the business/company on: i. the background of the company ii. description of the product/service iii. production needs iv. production processes v. cost of the materials, labor, overhead, and any other costs needed to produce/render the product or service vi. other relevant information

Note: Include the name, position, and contact information of your resource personnel. The following must be submitted in the attachments section: * group photo taken with the person you are interviewing * photo of the business/company you have chosen * photo of the product under study

3. From the data acquired in the interview, determine the unit cost of the product/service

4. Lastly, the group will make a recommendation as to how…...

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