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A report evaluating the Unemployment in EU with specific focus in the UK for the last 3-4 years. By Name

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The 28-member European Union is the largest single market in the world trading power. Its economic policy seeks to enhance and sustain growth among member states, through investments in the transport, research and energy sectors. The union`s policy decision making structure is headed by the European Parliament, which acts as the legislature in collaboration with the union council. The parliament and the council review all the proposals made brought forth by the union`s Commission, from which they make amendments. Before the Commission proposes new initiatives such as how to counter unemployment, it consults the interested parties such as non-governmental organizations, members of the public and the local governments. The European Union policies have had major economic benefits to the 28 members most which are attributable to economic integration. This paper assesses the challenges the EU has faced as far as unemployment is concerned and the policies that she has put in place to curb the unemployment challenge among the member states.
The United Kingdom, joined the EU in 1973 and has since then been a member of the union. The UK provides more than 100 representatives in different commission of the Union, including the European Parliament. The expenditure by the UK in the EU is slightly higher in comparison with what the UK receives in return. For instance, in 2014, the EU only spent € 6.985 billion, compared to then € 11.342 billion that the UK had contributed towards the union.
The UK economy has been well integrated due to its firm membership commitment in the EU. Among major pillars that proves economic integration of the UK include the single commodity market. The UK has also allowed free movement of factors of…...

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