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In this assignment I have been asked to write a report comparing the 2 businesses which are Manchester united football club and the deans trust Ashton on Mersey school. Manchester United which is located in Old Trafford and is a global company are a private sector which means they are not under direct state control for example they have multiple shareholders within the company. Manchester united is also a public limited company meaning that the shares in Manchester united are offered to the public. Over the years Manchester united has become a thriving successful football club in many ways for example they have multiple sponsorships such as Aon Principal Partner of Manchester United Chevrolet Principal Sponsor of Manchester United bwin Official Online Gaming and Betting Partner of Manchester United CASILLERO DEL DIABLO Official Wine Partner of Manchester United Bulova Official Timekeeping Partner of Manchester United Toshiba Medical Systems Official Medical Systems Partner of Manchester United Nissin Foods Group Official Global Noodle Partner of Manchester United NIKE Principal Sponsor of Manchester United DHL Official Logistics Partner of Manchester United EPSON Official Office Equipment Partner of Manchester United also the purpose of the business is to win competitions in order to make a profit.Ashton on Mersey is a local business situated in sale but also operates nationally.Ashton on Mersey is a government owned school but is also in partnership with Manchester united therefore that means that they are a funded school and enables them to get the best possible facilities etc also Ashton on Mersey works on a national level as they train teachers up in order to re distribute them to other schools as part of the trust they are in Ashton on Mersey do this as they are an outstanding school and by training the teachers up it helps out the schools that…...

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